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About the Nanded district

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Brief About Nanded District

About Nanded
Nanded is situated on the banks of the river Godavari in Maharashtra state of India. It is Marathwada's second most important city, next only to Aurangabad. Nanded is a well-known Sikh Pilgrimage center. One can visit a famous Sikh Gurdwara here. Mahur and Basar are adjacent tourist attractions. The waterfall of Sahastra Kunda is popular with tourists. Nanded-Waghala could prove to be of interest for international business, as it is one of the major cotton growing areas in India. Tourists can approach the city Nanded-Waghala from Mumbai(Bombay), Pune or Hyderabad. Nanded is well-connected to all parts of North India and South India by train. Nanded is renowned for its advances in Education Spiritual, Social, Political, Science, Arts and other spheres.etc., Other commercial Metropolis in India like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat etc. out source various industrial processes and services from Nanded. It is convenient to them because of reasonable labour cost of skilled and well educated quality manpower. [http:// www.srtmun.org Swami Ramanand Teerth University] offers an excellent opportunity of education and research in various fields including Bio Technology. Similarly *[http:// www.sggsnanded.org SGGS College of Engineering & Technology, Nanded] is also well-known for its research in engineering and technology. Courses offered by SGGS College of Engineering & Technology, Nanded are considered equivalent to IIT also has similar funding structure and autonomy. Students of both the institutes are sought after by top level business organisations across India and abroad. Major languages spoken are Marathi people are also very comfortable with English, Hindi, Telugu Kannada languages. At present the area of this City District is 10502 Sq.Km. while according to 1991 census its population is 1769334. Consequent upon reorganization of Indian States in 1956, the district of Nanded became part of Maharashtra State.


Upon reorganization of states in 1956, the district of Nanded came to comprise six talukas namely Kandhar, Hadgaon, Biloli, Degloor, Mudhol whereas Mukhed and Bhokar were called Mahals (revenue head quarters). As a result of reorganization of states, Bichkunda, Jukkal villages of Degloor taluka as well as , the whole of Mudhol Taluka (excluding Dharmabad)were merged with Nizamabad district of Andhra Pradesh. In lieu of them, Kinwat and Islapur villages were separated from Adilabad district and made part of Nanded district again. Islapur village was combined with Kinwat taluka and Dharmabad came to be merged with Biloli taluka. Even though Nanded is mentioned in historical accounts since 4th century A.D., the evidence of human habitation in this area has been found for the past 40 to 50 thousand years. Standing on the bank of the holy river Godavari, this place boasts of a rich history. Though its ancient inhabitants are thought to have made several intellectual advancements, they did not leave any account of their achievements (perhaps this may be attributed to Indian's general attitude of anonymity). Politically Nanded district forms part of the eastern border of Marathwada while Nizamabad, Medak and Adilabad Districts of Andhra Pradesh occupy its eastern border and Bidar district of Karnataka falls on its southern side. The Parbhani and Latur districts of Marathwada are on its western side. Yeotmal district of Vidarbha occupies its northern side. Just as the effect of continuous association is clearly discernible on a person so also it is reflected in the behavioral pattern of the people of a region. The impact of Andhra, Karnataaka and Vidarbha can therefore be seen on the language, behaviour and general conduct of the people of Nanded.