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About the Nalbari district

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Brief About Nalbari District
Nalbari District is situated in between Kamrup and Barpeta District. For better administration, old Kamrup District has been divided into three Districts. Nalbari was declared a sub division of undivided Kamrup District in 1967. Rajendra Mohan Goswami, ACS was first Sub Divisional Officer in Nalbari. Nalbari Sub Division is formally declared as a District in 14th August,1985.Shri Binod Kr. Piparsania, IAS, was first Deputy Commissioner in Nalbari.

1. Geographical Location:

The Nalbari District is situated in between 26oN and 27o N latitude and 91o E and 97o E longitude . The northern side of the district is bounded by the Indo-Bhutan International boundary and the southern side by the mighty Brahmaputra. The Darrang and the Kamrup District falls in the east and the Barpeta District in the west.

2. Climate & Rainfall

The District has a sub-tropical climate with semi – dry hot summer and cold winter. During summer, generally during the months from May to August, heavy rainfall occurs for which the district experiences flood. The District experiences annual (average) rainfall and humidity @ 1500 mm and @ 80 % respectively.

3.Literacy :

The rate of total literacy of Nalbari District, according to 2001 census, is 68.08 as against 33.99 in 1991. Thus, the decadal (1991-2001) progress of literacy rate is calculated as (+) 12.09. The total literacy rate of the State as a whole (64.28 : 2001 census ).

As per 2001 census, the rate of literacy in rural area of the district in rural area is 67.55 and in urban area is 88.61 as against 55.38 and 80.62 respectively in 1991.

How to reach :

Road links to Nalbari is through National Highway 31 and Broadgauge Line. Nalbari town is 2 Km away from the National Highway 31. Nearest Railway Junction is Rangia. Nalbari Town is 60 Km away from Guwahati Bus Stand.

By Bus

1. From Guwahati : Avail any delux bus or auto to Adabari Public Bus Stand and from there take any Nalbari Bounded Bus and get down in Nalbari Town.

2. From L.G.B. Airport, Borjhar Guwahati: Avail a taxi to Adabari Bus Stand from there take any Nalbari Bounded Bus.

By Train

From Paltan Bazar Railway Station avail any Train and get down in Nalbari Railway Station. Major Trains are Kamrup Express ( Starts at 7 am ), Brahmaputra Mail( Starts at 12-30 am), Inter-city Bangaigaon Express (Starts at 5-15 pm ) Chifung Mail (Starts at 3-15 pm ) . Train takes maximum 2 hours to reach Nalbari.