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About the Nagaur district

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Brief About Nagaur District

Because of its central situation in Rajasthan, it shares its border with several other districts of the state. In the north, it is bound by Bikaner and Churu districts, in the east by Sikar and Jaipur districts, in the south by Ajmer and Pali districts and in the west by Jodhpur district.

Distance from major Cities
Jaipur-247 kms
Delhi-500 kms
Ahmedabad-872 kms
Mumbai-1,432 kms

Climate and Rainfall
The mean temperature is 23.5 degree celsius
The mean maximum temperature is 47 degrees celsius.
The mean minimum is 3 degrees celsius.
The average rainfall in the district is 38.86 cms.

Administrative Set up
For the purpose of administration, the district is divided into four administrative sub-division, viz., Nagaur, Merta, Deedwana and Parbatsar. Each sub-division is divided into two tehsils viz., Nagaur, Jayal, Merta, Degana, Deedwana, Ladnu, Parbatsar and Nava.


There is no source of electricity generation in the district. All the power consumed is received from other places. Special attention gas has been given to rural electrification and by March 1993, 1374 villages were electrified. There are nine 33/11 kv power sub-stations in the district with the capacity of 183.79 mva. The number of power connections released were 1,57,116 as on 31 March 2000.

River Luni is a non-perennial river, it rises near Pushkar in Ajmer district and after passing over the western slopes of the Aravali, it crosses Nagaur district in the south and flows through it towards the west for nearly 37 km. before entering into Pali

Road Transport
All the important places in the district are connected with bus services. Total length of different category of roads in the district was about 5,038 km as of March 2000.

Rail Transport
Nagaur town in the district is connected by a broad gauge line with Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner and Delhi. Total length of railway line within the district is 384 km.

Air Transport
The neareat air port is at Jodhpur (137 km)

Communication Facilities (Nos)
Post offices 542
Telegraph offices 165
Telephone exchanges 98
Public call offices 1026