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About the Nagapattinam district

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Brief About Nagapattinam District


Nagapattinam district, the land of communal harmony, was carved out by bifurcating the composite Thanjavur district on 18.10.1991. This district hastraditionally been referred to as East Thanjavur and Paddy granary of South India Nagapattinam District lies on the shores of the Bay of Bengal between Northern Latitude 10.10' and 11.20' East Longtitute 79.15' and 79.50' This is peninsular delta District surrounded by Bay of Bengal on the East, Palk Straint on the South and land on the West and Northern Side. This District is predominantly, A Coastal District having a large coast line of 141 kilometres. This District has a numerous places of historical importance. Nagapattinam is an old Port Town.

This District is having an area of 2715.83 Sq. Kms in its fold. The DistrictHeadquaters is Nagapattinam. This district is enveloping 11 Panchayat Unions, 3Municipalties, 9 Town Panchayats on its Development Side. On the Revenue Side,it is housing 2 Revenue divisions with 4 and 3 Taluks respectively and 523 revenueVillages.

• Decades back to Sangam-age, NAGAPATTINAM district was ruled over by Chola Kings and by Pandiyas for a short while.

• Among the Chola kings, King Karikalan renovated and built the renowned port of Poompuhar (located in Nagapattinam district).

• Kosagan - the brilliant and illustrious king of Chola age built numerous shiva temples including the famous Singaravelar temple at Sikkal.

• Nagapattinam is one of the oldest port cities of Chola empire. It was called as "Naval Pattinam"- The city of ships. During 1620 AD, a Danish settlement was established at Tharangambadi in this district.