Journalists (Names of Journalists only - no names of media with which they do journalism & no erotic journalists)
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Media people means journalists who write in the media.
There are offline media people who write in newspapers, magazines.
There are online media people who write on websites.
There are social media people (Yes we know that even individuals who are not journalists by profession, write on social media)
There are television media people.
And many other types of people we may not have covered above.

Media covers many issues which includes social issues, politics, nation building, technology, war, naxalism, terrorism ....

We start with sharing Journalists in India- our global example.
From 28.8.2018, we will start inviting and then, sharing journalist names in countries other than India.

Journalists may change their media organisations or form new organisations. So we just share the name of the person and not the media organisation

Identity of Journalists
As a responsible Journalist, one must look at the Sustainability & Reputation tree branches & leaves and pick up those braches & leaves relevant to them.

We are concerned about Reputation of the sector because we know it is not just an individual reputation but it is an integration of Journalists across the country.

CSRidentity.com will share interviews of related experts on what they think is the Identity of the sector and what must be done to enhance the identity.


If you want to share any name, email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com