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Our plan for sharing names
By 28.3.2018
1) We plan to share names of 200 000 doctor names from 50 plus countries.
These doctors aer shared countrywise & in India, which is our global example country, we have started sharing it distrctwise with Thane district as a global example district / location. We know that patients want doctors in areas / locations close to them. We plan to share about 50000 names of doctors in India and share them districtwise.
2) Wherever possible, we also plan to share their specialisation because patients go to doctors with specialisation or as suggested by their family doctor.
3) We are sharing their specialisations based on our online research and it may or may not be right. There are many doctors who do various kinds of surgeries (e.g. Dr. Vikas Mhaskar does many kinds of surgeries. In such cases, we say their specialisation is surgery)

Note : Do we say Dr Harshad Purandare or Harshad Purandare ?
If one is a graduate from the bext engineering institute / university in the world or if one is an MBA from the top 10 universities / institutes in the world, we never say Engineer & then surname or MBA & then surname. It is interesting to know that in case of Doctors we say Dr. & then surname or Dr. then name & surname... We dont use the doctor style even in case of great scientists like we dont call Thomas Edison as Scientist Thomas Edison. We dont call Amitabh as Film hero Amitabh Bachchan ....

Like most of the poeple call them Dr....we start with Dr. in each name.

Note : How we put the doctors alphabetically ?
We put the name first and then surname.
In alphabetical term we will share Dr Harshad Purandare in alphabet starting with H and not with P.
So Dr. Ajay Thakker will in shared in alhabet starting with A and not T.

Note : Why we mention specialisation ?
We will try to put specialisation because of two things.
1) Patients go to doctors based on their specialisation.
So a heart patient can not go for a heart surgery in a dentist clinic. Yes, the patient knows both are trained doctors but patient needs specialisation of doctor and equipments.
2) There can be doctors with the same name but they specialise in different areas.

There are some exceptional cases when patients go far off.
e.g. some patients can economically afford to go to Delhi from say 10000 kms away location
e.g. in case of an absolute unavailability of a doctor with right specialisation
e.g. someone stays 10000 kms away but while in Delhi, suffers from a heart attack.

Note : Do we include doctors who just teach or are dean in a medical college ?
There are many doctors who have their own practics or own a hospital but they also teach in medical colleges. Or there are doctors who teach medical students or there are persons who are deans in medical colleges / medical institutes like Dr Mrunal Patil. Since thousands of students go through medical education or thousands of patients go through medical treatment in a hospital which is managed by medical college, we realised that we must put doctors who are just teaching or are dean in a medical college in this doctor's folder..

News about doctors
You are able to visit the new vision of CSRidentity.com & its founders thanks to Bhau who took him to Jupiter Hospital on and after 28.8.2013. We can never forget the help & human nature of Dr Harshad Purandare (http://csridentity.com/aboutus/28082013.asp)

Just to let everyone know following great doctors.
Dr. Christiaan Barnard.
A surprising miracle took place on 3 December 1967 while Dr Barnard operated a 53 year Louis Washkansky, an old grocer and replaced his heart with a 25 year old Denise Darvall. Darvall was a young woman who suffered from brain damage in an accident on 2 December 1967 in Cape Town. Dr Barnard secured permission from her father and conducted the successful transplant.

American cardiologist Dr Denton Cooley.
He is the surgeon who performed the world’s first implantation of a total artificial heart. In 1969, he became the first heart surgeon to implant an artificial heart designed by Domingo Liotta in a man, Haskell Karp, who lived for 65 hours. The next year, in 1970, "he performed the first implantation of an artificial heart in a human when no heart replacement was immediately available."

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