Governments, all individuals, all for profits & all not for profits have social responsibility. Its myopic to even think that only Corporates have Social Responsibility
CSR = Conscience Sustainability & Reputation. Identity means what you are. Dot com because we want to be sustainable to help. CSR >>> Corporate Social Responsibility
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Social issue : Environment
If you are working on this issue, do share free following
1) your organisation name
2) your website
3) your country of actual work on this issue or in case of India, your district of actual work.
We will share it free.
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How we plan promotion at global level
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What about Non NGOs like governments, funding agencies and corporates who financially as well as through volunteering support NGOs)

This is an ideal Stock exchange not a real Stock Exchange and it is only for social & health issues

Across the world, we want corporates to do management core competency volunteering with NGOs and while they can do the same with any NGO, the index page of each social issue gives them or their offices list of NGOs which can be contacted because we are giving links to the NGO websites

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NGOs in Stock exchange shared free
(Research of their funding agency record)









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