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We are happy to share the calendar.

The top banner for each day is about independence day or an international observation day or a foundation day or a day which is close to the corporate or foundation.

The right side images for each day is shared for an NGO across the world free.
This process of sharing NGOs is time consuming and it has started already. We assume that by March 2015 we will have these NGOs in different parts of the world.

Please remember that you have less time to appreciate the challenges of each nation or each issue. We start sharing this concept to credible NGOs and stakeholders across the world. We want you to appreciate that you have the power to give; whether its time or funds or both.

We want you to take care of national & global issues. But remember that children, youth, men, women, adults, other human beings plus living (e.g. pet animals, wildlife and marinelife) and non living items (e.g. plastic or fuel) are key for each country and the universe.

While you can give through local agencies, you can also give directly to the communities in need or to NGOs/NPOs working with them.




We have just shared symbols of 11 major religions in this world and this is just a sample banner. CSRidentity.com believes truth & humanity are common in all religions.

Any individual or organisation can take a banner of 190 px width and 600 px height on any page in the calendar.

From now to 31.03.2020

No charges to CSR Consulting but donation to DNNT.

Anyone who takes this banner will pay a donation of Rs 4720/- including GST to Developed Nation Network Trust (DNNT), our NGO.

DNNT has FCRA and for any bank transfer from countries other than India, we have to pay bank transfer charges .

100% of the donation will be used for social & health development of Thane district in India and one school in Yamgarwadi which gives education to nomadics.

As a responsible organisation, our editorial has a definite & clear say in type of ads accepted here.

As per our policy, none of the banners should be linked to CSR or NGO related websites or websites of political parties or activist organisations.
We will not accept donations from organisations related to only politics / activist / criminal / any illegal / porno websites.

Yes, this is despite of the fact that we believe politics plays a major role in social & health issues across the world including their responsibility for climate change.

If you want to share your banner here, email to Datacentre