Founder worked in Advertising and PR and also handled Public issues before starting internet based Social enterprise in 1999.

He knows that people across the world value good brands. Yes, even rivers, religious locations are brands.
But today, mostly
corporates invest on brand building.

When the world is moving fast, technology is making the world a technovillage, most of the stakeholder categories like NGOs, Funding agencies, Media ... depend on the long process of word of mouth advertising.

CSRidentity.com needs to inform, promote technology to NGOs and one of the step is Branding NGOs.

And that is why founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat has thought of Dream Stock Exchange which can help NGOs across the world get investors. Social investors who will first check the credibility of the NGO, then offer funds through Cheque - so that it is recorded - and then check whether the NGO has done impact with the funds it goes and serviced community or nature effectively.

Countries, Corporates, SHC issues

After an almost fatal accident, the founder changed the very thinking of CSR as Corporate Social Responsibility. He kept CSR short form same but changed the long form to Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation.

To summarise, each individual, each organisation (for profit, not for profit), each country, state, county, UT, city, village, river, location is a BRAND