28.8.2013 was black day for us but realised that it was golden day for world Bhau made us realise : Vishwachi Maze Ghar (Universe is my house)
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C = Conscience, S = Sustainability , R = Reputation , Identity , dot com
CSRidentity.com meaning changed after 28.08.2013
CSR >>>>>> Just corporate social responsibility.
Column 1
India, Countries, UN
Column 2
Govts, Corporates, NGOs 
Column 3
Column 4
Social & Health issues 
Column 5
Future, vol., donation 
Column 6
Our rebirth & services


We have shared new country format in 61 countries as of now and will share it with all countries, 2 SARs, islands, territories by 28.08.2018
We have already taken a decision that in the dropdowns we will first share sponsored countries, issues & stakeholders first. e.g. See India and Thane
Column 7
Questions we face related to following will be shared in Q&A format on the index page of related folder by 28.8.2018

The questions will be on
1) social & health issue
2) country and in case of India, State / UT / District
3) staekholders like NGOs, governments, corporates, funding agencies, media ....
4) celebrities, volunteering and donation types
5) Religious locations, rivers

See non drop downs
Its not good to say
Dont call us
But then, we say we care for your time, so dont waste your valuable time in calling us because
When you call us, we may not pick up the call because we may be in meetings or driving or in rural areas or in schools or hilly area where there is no connection

So it is better if you send us an email and we get back to you within two days, if we are in Thane but sometimes, if we go to outstation areas, we will mention that here.
What are UN Sustainable development goals in 2030
Volunteer 1% of time which is 3.65 days a year. It can be your skill, competency or time or video / audio volunteering.
$ 12 per year of 1 billion citizens gives $ 12 billion to world
If you dont want to volunteer, donate, then at least take care of climate because all are responsible for climate change.
Column 8
India &Thane are our Global examples.

There are more than 130 crore (1.3 billion) Indian citizens and one issue which is common to all of them like all the 7.5 billion plus citizens in the world, is that every human has a WILL when he lives and when he leaves this world. Is India taking care of a registered WILL of a medically for person?
We want India to set a global example in this simple issue

Global examples
Village development

Bhinar school
Tribal school

Nomadics education

Late Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi
Scientific blood bank

From just 4 global case studies, we will move to 28 global cases which covers all the continents plus science organisations plus organisations which work on oceans .. by 28.8.2020

All of us have expiry date
Gift deed not Gift dead
Register your WILL
Founder has survived one almost fatal accident, isnt he afraid of death ?
The simple answer it NO,
Now he considers life as Bonus.
Its Bhau , Rohan's gift (Thought gift) to our founder to think beyond self and promote work from all countries seriously, systematically and scientifically, so that it can be modified or scaledup.. 
Column 9
Important news
The largest cleanup in history

Media Invited (Thursday, Aug. 9) to Preview Expedition to Ocean Twilight Zone

Intangible Balance Sheet

G4 to Standards: transition complete

UN Global Compact launches new action platform for Sustainable Ocean Business and development

International Widows’ Day
23 June

International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (26 June)

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture (26 June)

11.2 billion by 2100

340,000 children under five die every year from diarrhoeal diseases

5.9 million children die before their fifth birthday

Countries embrace efforts to achieve SDGs amid mounting global challenges: UN Report

WHO releases new International Classification of Diseases (ICD 11)


Column 10


Stock exchanges
"CSRidentity.com stock exchanges" are not ROIs (Returns of Investment) in financial terms.

These are Stock exchanges to enhance image of NGOs because it leads more money invested in credible NGOs for social & health issues.

These promotion tools help NGOs increase reach out, scale up operations, gives good employees, volunteers, direct retail donors or donors through Pay Roll Giving models corporates adopt, big financial donors ....

In Social & Health issues
ROI means
R = Returns as invaluable satisfaction
O = Opportunities for Social Investment
I = Impact of work

We will start this process in July 2018 and we plan to share free one NGO in about 193 UN countries, 2 SARs and Thane at no cost.
NGOs not covered free by us, can be in stock exchange provided they are recommended by a funding agency or a corporate which is funding them for at least 3 years and second thing is that they pay for our services.
We will share them under a different brand name on the index page ofrelated social issue.


Column 11
General knowledge
Column 12
You want CSRidentity.com to cover only corporate related issues.

CSR is known as corportate social responsibility. So you think that we should focus our time on sharing only social issues and the NGOs which work on them.

In 2010, we kept CSR short form same but called it as Corporate Sustainability & Reputation.
28.08.2013 changed us and we now say CSR means Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation.
Its ok then to cover doctors, hospitals, celebrities who can be brand ambassadors of NGOs or issues ... but why do we cover marriage and tourism places. We say we think our religion is truth, then why share religious locations ?

Why we have decided to add marriage & tourist locations ? That is neither our business nor are we an agency for them.

Our answer is clear.
Most people marry when they grow up. Many of them give birth to new generation, the future of the world. They become parents. We must cover the seed makers.

Tourism in a way stops rural to urban migration. Plus it gives pleasure to people to see many new things that they dont see in their area or country like Eiffel tower or dense forest or scuba diving or ...
But some cant afford the cost or may be time factor.
So we are making CDs of various things and distribute them as a service. e.g. CD on World Heritage centres, 7 wonders of the world (old and new 7 wonders) ..