Our Vision : Universal development by 2050.

CSR is Conscience, Sustainability, Reputation. Identity is self, cultural, national, global & universal identity. 28.08.2013 seems a black day but we changed our vision.
Giving pledge
We value Bill & Melinda Gates more for their work together to expand opportunity to world’s most disadvantaged people.
Read their Giving Pledge
UN observanaces & 2015



258 countries, the issues they face and how stakeholders have solutions is our main focus
  We plan countries,oceans, continents, world & universe
See Laysan Albatrosses in Midway lands aer dying.
  In each issue, we will have at least one programme from India by May 31 & programmes from various countries by March 16.
  Instead of just covering the issues, we share solutions to issues & subissues in many countries. Its freely accessible to all.
India, India's States / UTs / districts, government schemes & a special focus on Thane
  We cover India, 36 States & UTs & 676 Districts. In 2015-16, we plan interviews of citizens in at least 400 plus districts.
  We have shared Indian government's schemes. Countries can see and replicate or modify them based on community needs.
  We have a focus on Thane. We interview below the poverty line citizens here and see how citizens are helping adoption.
  How CSR is handled in each industry ? We will start this in June 2016, with examples of how each industry handles CSR.
Do volunteer & donate
  We can volunteer time or it can be our skills or management competencies. Do volunteer.
  We can not like Bill Gates but we can donate at least 1 USD per month or we can all donate blood.
Content membership
India content members
In addition to above research, the India content members get additional benefits
3500 interviews
In 2015-16, we will have 3500 interviews in 75+ countries. In the first week, we will share the interview free for all and then we keep it in database which is accessible only to country content members.
CSRidentity.com is not just for corporates but all stakeholders across the world because each individual & institution has a role in universal development.
28.08.2013 changed us
Our demonstration
We plan to share 7 villages, 7 metros from 7 continents. Of course we know because of climatic condition, no one stays for log in antarctica.
We respect every caste, language, religion, country and culture of citizens, but events on 28th August 2013 have changed our thinking. We now think we are a citizen of this universe & think of truth as our religion.



In 2015-16, we will start sharing the international, national, regional or very regional awards that promotes not just you as an individual but the issue & the institution you work with.
In 2015-18, we plan to share thousands of people in different countries (plus different districts in India) who make a positive change in the communities.

Our actions of everyday affects the universe, even though the scale in percentage terms is absolutely negligible.
We respect stakeholders which work for positive change in different countries. We also respect doctors who are useful for all of us : humans as well as nonhumans like veterans.

Poor can not pay the fess of good lawyers, so in 2015-16, we will have a special coverage of lawyers which help these individuals in India.
Sustainability tree
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Funding, training, conf.
Its not just government and NGOs/NPOs. Stakeholders like corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists and others need more funds to scale up or build capacities & knowledge to increase the efficiency & outreach.

Training, seminars/conferences not only enrich our knowledge but helps us in networking so that more people know the communities or issues we serve.
Increase livelihoods
Inclusive business must be key for all.
In an uncertain and volatile world, we cannot achieve our vision to double our size without also reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact. Each corporate must have inclusive buiness.
Our address Our vision : Universal development by 2050.
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Newsletters and other matters
Human respecting humans is not the only thing we as humans should follow.

Please respect & take care of nature & living things (e.g. trees, pet animals, marinelife, wildlife)

Please respect non living things (e.g. vehicles like bus, car, train, aircraft... are a non living thing but if it fails / falls then ?)

We are a social enterprise and invest time & money in countrywise research, partnership, data, knowledge, travel and your promotion.
Please respect all. Volunteer and do donate blood while you are alive and eyes & body when you leave this earth
We shared Warli painting with about thousand stakeholders. We did a social & developmental research and were told to add elements like airplane, health, education, water, electricity, entertainment which are key to infrastructure. Then, we were adviced that rich, middle class or poor fromm all countries, religions, castes, rural or urban background all have different stresses and what is key is meditation which takes care of peace of mind. The picture rightly represents our vision.

Lets be clear that each one of us has only one life & we dont take anything after our demise. Not even a penny, paisa, gold or hut / flat / big house / ranch (property).
So, while we are on earth, do volunteer & invest time sharing goodness to neighbourhood, underpriviledged communities, underdeveloped countries and this universe.
While we are alive, at least donate blood (This is irrespective of your sex, caste, religion, nationality and it helps the donors to recover & donate again & again)
And after our demise, do donate eyes and body (Of course this depends on medical, legal & religious conditions).

Many think that corporates generate lot of funds & are money making machines. Please look at corporates from different perspective. Imagine how many families live because of corporates. Yes, these can be families of employees, supply chain employees or indirectly customers or governments who recover taxes.

Corporates are great financial donors. The only thing they and infact all individuals & institutions should remember is the simple truth that one must be good first and then comes philanthropy. While poor need white or black money because they need to sustain in this world, good money always enhances one's reputation.

We respect UN system because they take care of 193 UN member countries. But please appreciate that there is no fault of a child, disabled, youth, women, man & senior citizen of a Non UN member country / region. Manytimes, they have to follow or may have to do what what their leaders want.

Our founders think that caste, religion, country are based on to whom and where we are born. It is not our decision to start with.
Like good doctors think a patient is a patient first, we think that a human being is first a human being, then one can (if one wants) think of caste, religion, nationality.

Children, youth, women, men & senior citizens are an integral part of every issue. We will cover in each issue from 2015 onwards. Of course we share statistics based on children, youth, women, men & senior citizens.

Conflict resolution, naxalism, terrorism surely are an integral part of social & developmental issue. They are handled by experts & it is not right to cover them unless we know them personally. So we will leave these issues to experts handling these issues and would not cover them on CSRidentity.com