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Development issues
Issuwise programmes is new
Country rank, Village dev.
Village & Urban development by 2050 is key for the world.
Volunteer & donate
Volunteer your time or skills and people in management can volunteer core competencies.
Donate for development of the communities whether they stay in your neighbourhood or in underdeveloped countries.
Sustainability & Reputation
Country membership, issue forums, research, consulting .. increases our sustainability to share knowledge as well as promote goodness of others.
Reputation is key, whether you are for profit or not for profit.
Think how lucky we are
Think simple
Village development is key
Think like him on money
We must think larger like

We have power of to volunteer, donate and use our life after we are alive through body / eye donation.
271 countries, continents, oceans, universe
National flag, national anthem, geographical territory, mother tongue and basic statistics on key social & developmental issues. From now to March 2016, we are taking views of experts on the scenario in 2020 & 2050, as well as governance, transparency, sustainability & reputation. All this is free for every visitor.  

Issuewise programmes
Programmes of institutes to address various social & developmental issues & subissues. Many of these programmes can be replicated or scaled up based on the community, state, country & universe. These programmes are free & can be searched issuewise and countrywise.

Social & Developmental issuewise
The basic information of key CSR, NGO and social & developmental issues and subissues. On the right side of each issue, we will have images of 3 to 5 Recommended NGOs in different countries free.

We share the Millenium Development Goals which is targetted for 2015.

Starting with Thane
We start with Thane as our sample district from October because it is urban, rural and has a lot of national / global talent. We will interview experts as well as share views of community members. We will also start sharing views of community members from countries across the world from November 2014.

Country Rank
We share the global rank of key countries from key institutions like CIA. Our idea is not just to thank these institutes for their research and investment but for individuals & institutions to modify their solutions to the challenges of every issue / subissue.

Village & Urban development is key for us
Please note that village development and urban development by 2050 has to be and must be our development focus.

From now to 2016-17, we will share the challenges of 7 key types of villages in the world (we have started with one village where a team from IIT-Bombay, one of the best Indian Institute ) is putting their brains behind the development. Development of all villages in the world by 2050 is our key challenge.
We will soon start sharing the challenges of key metro cities or urban area in partnership with institutes in these cities.

Jonathon Porritt, UK, John Knights, UK,
Dr Leeora Black, Australia , Dr Madhav Chavan
Dr Noel Tagoe, Ghana,
Ms. Shukla Bose
Adam Friedman & Julia Bonner, USA

Global Social Business Summit (25 to 29 November 2014)

What Matters to Corporate Citizenship Strategy and Reporting

Focus on India : Key coverage
Bihar Floods and how a reputed NGO is helping communities

2000 key stakeholders from 7 regions
From now to 31 March 2016, we plan to share the profiles of key stakeholders from 7 regions (Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America & Arab World). Yes Antarctica is a continent but climatic conditions there doesnt allow institutions to have offices there. They work for the continent from outside continent. And yes, Arab world is technically not a continent but we do appreciate that the region is key for universal development.

Worldwide Volunteers
We appreciate time, hobby and core competency of men, women, children, GLBT, urban, rural, rich or poor volunteers from across the world. Do write with a copy of your profile to Datacentre

80 languages
We share the content of the site in 80 languages. Technically it may not give perfection of the country languages but it surely gives you the right appreaciation.

Only social advertising on
Though we respect, we can not have product ads for the sake of product or brand promotion on this site. We respect prodcuts for social development and they can advertise to help us promote the good things citizens do for humanity, for their country, issue or for global development. This social, developmental or CSR advertising enhances your brand and organisation reputation.
Please remember we are a social enterprise and our sustainability & reputation helps us to promote your work.




From now to March 2016, we plan to share 200000 profiles or in some cases just the addresses of stakeholders from different countries working for the development of their country or other countries, continents, oceans, world or universe.

Target Global
Recommended NGOs 20000
Corporates 10000
Funding Agencies 1000
Philanthropists 1500
Bus Associations 500
CSR Consultants 150
Development Consultants 150
Researchers 100
Celebrities 1500
Speakers 1000
Helplines 200
Pledges 200
Brief + Addresses  
Media 5000
Ad Agencies 1500
PR Agencies 1000
Lawyers on social issues 500
Soc Work Institutes 1000
MBA Institutes 1000
Legal Institutes 1000
Medical Institutes 1000
Sports clubs 100
Award Giving Institutes 200
All NGOs 150000
Total 200000

Corporate Sustainability & Reputation
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Remember we are lucky. But also remember that we have just one life for global development.
We are lucky and can do much more
Let us understand that we are very lucky and it is time to think simpler, think larger and appreciate that the purpose of our only life is more than money. Also important is the simple fact that we must respect disabled (challenged), children, youth, women, elderly and all the citizens, rich & poor. It is the need of the hour if we think that our aim is universal development by 2050.

Remember, you have just one life. Do use it for global development.
Everyone can not be the Prime minister / President / King / Queen of the country where they are, but everone do has national and global responsibilities. Please think beyond your house. Think of the global and universal development and we can be a reputed person (with or without money) if we are good by nature. We many times say that world is a smaller place. Please behave like what you say.

Like great scientists and thinkers, we may not do something phenomenal to this entire universe. But do think that the purpose of our life is do something (yes, at least something) for the development of the universe. Remember we are human beings first and then comes our religion, caste and nationality (yes, we know these are important for most of the humans). We need to help humans, all other living beings (animals - pet , wildlife, marinelife), trees & all non living beings ( bulb, fuel, plastic, vehicles and our house).