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2015 is the year of Millenium Development Goals International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies , International Year of Soil
CSR stands for Conscience, Sustainability, Reputation. Identity stands for self, cultural, national, global & universal identity.
We are a social enterprise

We value Bill and Melinda Gates more for their work together to expand opportunity to the world’s most disadvantaged people by collaborating with grantees and partners. Please appreciate and think like him on money.

We have shared 258 countries. We will share 5 oceans, 7 continents, 1 world & 1 universe from May 2015.
Social & dev. issues
From 100 000 programmes which are free for all, we plan 600 000 programmes from 200 countries by March 2016.
Interviews & Campaigns
We plan 3500 interviews from 200+ countries covering social, developmental, nation building issues, country's status in 2015, 2020 & 2050 as well as sustainability tree issues.
Access for country members

Free coverage
Issuewise programmes of NGOs, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, clubs and key stakeholders are seen free by visitors.
All stakeholders should mail their philanthropy work in 200 words. It goes online in 4 working days and is seen free by all visitors.
From 573 blood banks in India, one can see addresses of 2000 blood banks from across the world free by June 14, 2015.
From April 2015, each issue forum shares global status of the issue or at continent level. Country issue statistics are seen by all now.

7 villages, 7 metros, millions of villages, thousands of cities & hundreds of metros and Thane forum
We will identify & promote 7 villages & 7 metros by Feb. 12, 2016.
Millions of citizens are doing unusually great efforts in villages, cities & metros.
We will promote their coverage. Mail to Editorial.
From 1st April 2015, we start Thane forum (Thane is urban as well as rural and was the largest district in India till August 14, 2015) and Thane will be promoted globally as a case study. We share how people can work with government officials.

We must increase livelihoods
Volunteering is key across the world
Team changes but philanthropy doesnt
Robin van Persie has given his support to Street League Charity
Robin van Persie has donated a £30,000 cheque to Dirk Kuyt's charity which helps handicapped athletes.
Inclusive business is key for all.
In an uncertain and volatile world, we cannot achieve our vision to double our size without also reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact. is not just for corporates but all stakeholders across the world because each individual & institution has a role in universal development.
Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting
Devendra Apartments
Next to Sahyog Mandir, Ghantali, Naupada, Thane 400602
Maharashtra, India
Ph : 00 91 98200 73599 (India calls) ; 00 91 97694 73599 (Global calls)

Challenges, Solutions, media and your profile :
Newsletters and any other key matters :


Our vision : Universal development by 2050.
We respect every caste, language, religion, country and culture of citizens. We shared a Warli painting with about a thousand stakeholders. We did a social & developmental research of the culture of warli villagers and we were told to add elements like airplane, health, education, water, electricity, entertainment to infrastructure. We were told that one can be rich, middle class or poor, one can be from any country, religion, caste, one can be from a rural or urban background. what is key is mediation which takes care of peace of mind. The picture rightly represents our vision. You can download the painting. And do mail scanned copy of different cultures of different communities. From June 2015, we will share these cultures countrywise.


Our focus in 2015-16
150 000 NGOs, 10 000 corporates, 1000 Funding agencies, 1000 philanthropists, 2000 media, 2000 celebrities, 1000 Social work / MBA / Legal / Medical institutues or universities, 3000 ad & PR agencies which can be used to promote issue campaigns & more. These are from 193+ countries.

We request all humans to respect & take care of nature, living things (e.g. marinelife, wildlife) & non living things (e.g. cement for housing or vehicles for travel).
We are a social enterprise and invest in research, partnership, data, knowledge, travel and promotion.
For us, CSR is not just corporate social responsibility. For us CSR is Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation.

Each one of us, has only one life
Lets be clear that each one of us has only one life & we dont take anything after our demise. Not even a penny, paisa, gold or property.
So, while we are on earth, do invest time sharing goodness to neighbourhood, underpriviledged communities, underdeveloped countries and this universe.
And after our demise, do donate eyes and body (Of course this depends on medical, legal & religious conditions).

Many think that corporates generate lot of funds & are money making machines. Please look at corporates from different perspective. Imagine how many families survive because of corporates either as employees, supply chain employees, customers, environment or because they pay a lot of tax or they are great financial donors.
We respect UN system which has focus of issues like children, women, health, population, financial inclusion most of the countries of this world.