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2015 is the year of Millenium Development Goals International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies , International Year of Soil
CSR stands for Conscience, Sustainability, Reputation. Identity stands for self, cultural, national, global & universal identity.
We are a social enterprise
Xi Jinping delivered speech in Berlin and committed to pursuing peaceful development
India country members can search 70 stakeholders. Our focus in 2015-16 is 1000 media, 100000 NGOs/NPOs, 10000 corporates, 1000 Funding agencies, 1000 philanthropists, 1000 celebrities, 1000 capacity building institutues / universities from 200+ countries.
We share roles or views of PM/President of countries (190+) on past/present/future development From March 5, we will start a development forum for each issue & its subissues. These are issue & country fora. Visitor can select any country & any issue / subissue to see the programmes. e.g search aboriginals & Australia.
Visit stakeholders who have key concern of issues which are social, developmental or nation building issues From June, we will share how a corporate or any institution takes care of sustainability leaves & branches Many individuals want new career opportunities, many institutions deserve awards as part of their own recognition
We must increase livelihoods
Volunteering is key across the world
Team changes but philanthropy doesnt
Robin van Persie has given his support to Street League Charity
Robin van Persie has donated a £30,000 cheque to Dirk Kuyt's charity which helps handicapped athletes.
We will promote goodness in 7 + 7
We demonstrate 7 villages & 7 metros Share your efforts in millions of villages & thousads of cities & hundreds of metros across the world to Editorial is not just for corporates but all stakeholders across the world because each individual & institution has a role in universal development.
Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting
Devendra Apartments
Next to Sahyog Mandir
Ghantali, Naupada, Thane 400602
Maharashtra, India

Ph : 00 91 98200 73599 (India calls) ; 00 91 97694 73599 (Global calls)

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Our vision is universal development by 2050.
This is of course with or without us because like all, we have to leave this earth one day but we respect all good citizens irrespective of their caste, religion or country.
We also want all humans to respect and take care of nature, all good things whether they are living (e.g. wildlife) or non living (e.g. the vehicles we use for daily travel).
We are not a funding agency. We are a research, partnership, data and knowledge social enterprise.