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Year 2016
Sustainability experienced : Survival of cofounder Sanjay Bapat & CSRidentity.com was taken care of on 28.08.2013 for you. Just to share a few names .......
Bhau, Venkat, Dr Purandare, Jupiter Hospital, Mastek Foundation, Adfactors PR, not to be named philanthropist.. MBA foundation & Rohan, our great inspiration.
What is CSR & Identity ? YOU can be an individual or an institution. Many things you can do forms the foundation and hence are shared at the bottom.
From CSR as Corporate Social Responsibility, for us CSR stands for Conscience Sustainability & Reputation. Our reputation helped our sustainability on 28.8.2013
Identity is what you are. Its more than a printed I card. Its real life Identity card. We are all global citizens. Be recognised in your country. Be recognised in this world.
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As responsible humans, emotions & professionalism must be balanced. If there is one conversion we admire, it is from BPL to APL. Read Steve Jobs on death.
We plan to share over 200 000 programmes free issuewise by 28.03.2018 and have started with Livelihood as example.
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Global image enhancers
Note that we are doing global image enhancement of living as well as non living humans as well as rivers. And we are sharing them alphabetically, by their surname. Of course we are sharing their field (like corporate) and country
India image enhancers
Note that India is our global example country and we are sharing India image enhancers on the homepage of the site. We are sharing the names in alphabetical order followed by the field (all are from India, so not mentioning country name)
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We dont share
We dont cover communal, criminal, naxal, terrorist issues. These key issues are different in each location and are handled by specialist agencies
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28.08.2013 changed vision
28.8.2013 changed our vision. Everyone who survives almost fatal accident, thanks god, doctor, hospital, family and friends. They usually forget nurses, wardboys, receptionist, security guards... Instead of just thanking & coming back to normalcy, till the end of this life, we will focus on promoting individuals & institutions working for humans, nature, living beings and not living things.
Why we share celebrities ?
Celebrities are big influencers and can promote / campaign social issue, philanthropy, donation, volunteering. People worldover treat film / sports / music celebrities like goddess / god and we have started new form of celebrities like developmental celebrities, environmental celebrities & health celebrities.
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Individuals & institutions from any country can email us...
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Our address
Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting

Devendra Apartments
Next to Sahayog Mandir
Ghantali, Naupada
Thane 400602
Maharashtra, India 

Developed Nation Network Trust
Address same as above (Our NGO was formed in 2009)

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Call on : 09820073599 ( 4.00 to 5.00 PM)
Indian Members of Parliament : 5 PM to 6 PM
Mobile number is confidential and is given to only MPs

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Call on 0919769473599
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YOU & We together
Kokanipada, adivasi village at the base of a forest
MBA Foundation, an NGO working for differently abled
Kai Wamanrao Oak Raktapedhi (Blood bank)
Bhatke Vimukta Vikas Pratishthan, nomadic students
Social issues, countries
Focus of work is master key
Corporates & brands
We have started inviting Corporates & Brands to get associated with issue forum or their country. This helps us to create global programme information, statistics ... key challenges in the country and the scenario of the country in 2020, 2030, 2050 ... plus how to create a successsion plan so that the organisation lives with its ethics, value, governance structure for more time.
Charity, philanthropy or helping communities to ensure they become sustainable
Charity begins at home. Philanthropy begins at home
People have their own views and so both are true but instead of just cheque book giving we want to have check credibility before issuing a cheque & also check impact after issueing a cheque. We are trying to be emotional & professioanl together.