28.8.2013 was black day for us but realised that it was golden day for world Bhau made us realise : Vishwachi Maze Ghar (Universe is my house)
Purpose changers CSRidentity.com is sustainable thanks to Scientists Example Cheque & check impact Great Volunteer, donate
Bhau , Rohan Dr H P , , Venkat , Adfactors , Mastek Einistein , Newton Wilma Giving Pledge Philanthropists Jordan YOU , Change , 1 billion+
CSRidentity.com plans to share, integrate & promote how challenges & solutions of social & health issues are addressed in all countries. Thane & India are our global examples.
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What is the difference in corporates in country folder & in corporate folder ?
CSR >>>>>>>>> Corporate Social Responsibility
C = Conscience
, S = Sustainability , R = Reputation
Identity , Dot com , CSRidentity.com
We share 2 lakh NGOs from 200 countries. Which of them really work, is credible to donatge or volunteer... We have started sharing their websites, visit and only then decide.
Global image
We enhance your image
Branding, Identity
Whether it is a person or a Company, NGO, FA, Media, Philanthropist, Ad / PR agency, Consultant, Researcher, Business or Industry association, college or clubs, or a village or a state or district ... all have unique Identity. And their image builds a brand.
Stock exchange concept
Rohan : Integration teacher
Dream Stock exchange idea dedicated to Bhau

Anyone who sponsors any social or health issue, will donate Rs 5 lakhs (USD 6500/-) to our NGO. We share NGOs, Doctors, Hospitals free countrywise as well as Districtwise in India folders
50% of donation will be used for Thane, our global example & 50% funds will be used to promote the issue (The sponsor's banner will be on top & left side of every page of the issue)

Funding proposals
Countries, India, Thane
Corporates, NGOs
Corporates, NGOs, FAs
Philanthropists, Media
Celebrities all know +
They are real celebs
What we share in country folders which is different ?
In each country folder, we plan to share corporates, NGOs, FAs, Media, Philanthropists, Drs, Hospitals, Ad / PR agencies Consultants, Government, Foreign embassies, 46 types of celebrities which stay or have operations in that country.
In each stakeholder folder (Shared below is corporate folder example but each stakeholder like NGOs, Celebs, Media is different)
- IDENTITY of stakeholder in country pages
- Name, philanthropy issue of at least 1 corporates in each country + corporates suggested by sponsor
- Names of NGOs in that country which want visibility
- Challenges, Opportunities of corporates in that country - of corporates
Our services, Know Apps
YOU, Vol, Donation, S & R
YOU & your role
Volunteering, Donation
Sustainability, Reputation
Apps, products, videos
Interviews, News
Global case studies
Quality, enemies
How CSRidentity.com is different than Google, Wikipedia ?
Our contact details
Just email to Datacentre.
Whatsapp / SMS us on following numbers.
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In any country besides India
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Please no phone calls
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There are more than 1 Billion citizens on this earth who live below the poverty line. Help their sustainability & the return gift is great satisfaction
World equates TM to Trademark. We think TM means Time & Money


Death is final destination. Yes this is a fact. You can be President, PM, Well known film or sports or business personality, Philanthropist, Doctor .... the fact is that you are on this earth in physical form less than 150 years. Earth exists for millions of years, now can you even this what percentage your life span is ? So one may not like the world DIE but you will D one day Our founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat's death was postponed after an almost fatal accident on 28.8.2013 because he has something more to do till he exists.
Steve Jobs on death

Longest living person

Email us govt schemes
Corporate boards, CEOs, Marketing, PR, Corp com, HR, Finance heads can do competency volunteering which helps people & nature across world.
For climate stability, instead of visiting people by using vehicle, save fuel & people who take care of your safety. eMail us views on HR, Fund raising, governance, marketing, branding ...It can be translated in 102 other languages and NGO anywhere in the world can take benefit
Dont ever think that only corporates  have social responsibility. Governments, NGOs, FAs, Media, Celebrities, Poor ... all of us & you have social responsibility.

We are doing a research on the Sustainability & Reputation Tree which shares opportunities, challenges in each stakeholder like corporates, NGOs, Funding agencies, Media, Philanthropists, Ad / PR agencies, Consultants, Celebrities, Doctors, Hospitals ..... and we will start sharing the same from 16th October 2018

Each human is born because of parents. So they are first intorducers of all of us on this earth.
Only after the birth given by parents, is born our profession like politics, doctors, film celebrities, sports celebrities, start business, do consulting, become MBAs ....
Never ever treat parents like rainbows which come few times a year. They take care of you in your childhood, so take care of them in their old age (Of course this is only for people who are not just born humans but are living as humans not robots or ...)
Giving pledge (TM)
Bill & Melinda Gates & Warren Buffet
As of 2018 there are only 183 Giving Pledegers from 22 countries because they are wealthy economically and by mind.
Money can buy pleasure
It cant buy Satisfaction

CSRidentity.com and
Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat knows that all are not economically wealthy like Bill Gates. But anyone can be mentally healthy equal to or someone more than him or world's wealthiest person Jeff Bezos. And billions can volunteer 2% of your time & donate 2% of your money 
Jordan Speith is greater so is Wilma or Einistein , Newton or Venkat






Gifts us satisfaction
Invaluable satisfaction
Instead of actual work, we integrate the social & health work being done by millions of corporates, NGOs, thousands of FAs, media & hundreds of governments, ministries .... Its free.
28.08.2013 changed our thinking.
We think but its also what we want
We think that management experts should volunteer their expertise & knowledge with NGOs on issues like fund raising (Business development), branding, marketing, customer satisfaction, investor satisfaction, ethical use of social media... and instead of speech on video, we feel it is better if they email us in English (from anywhere in the world), our language converters can translate their saying in 102 other languages, so that NGOs across the world benefit understand & learn what to do. Its free to share across the world and its free access for NGOs across the world. Of course, management experts, CEOs ... can spend their time meeting children, differently abled, senior citizens
Its first and last


Deaths, global numbers
What we get ? Satisfaction
Media, PR agencies across the world can share good programmes which are replicable or scalable by organisations or what their celebrities do to help.
No permission required
From just 4 shared above, we plan to have 28 Global examples by 28.8.2020 from all continents plus oceans, science & human rights.

Yes, unlike the 4, which we visit or meet trustee, the 28 will be in far off locations and we will not meet the people or visit the area, but we will have someone who can recommend that area and we will name that individual or organisation.

Of the 28, we will have 10 from Africa which has many underdeveloped countries.

Lets be clear that CSRidentity.com will not cover war, terrorism, activism, naxalism. We know they affect communities but we will leave them to specialists

Please note
Funding proposals
We want
All countries
Questions we face
Google, Wikipedia
Our services
Satisfaction. Its free.
Money may buy pleasure. It always cant buy satisfaction.
Country ranks
Research by CIA & others
We just share it
Ranks of countries

Birth Rate
Budget Surplus or Deficit
Central Bk Discount Rate
Children under weight
Commercial Bank Prime Lending rate
Crude Oil Imports
Crude Oil Exports
Crude Oil Production
Crude Oil Proved Reserves
Current Account Balance
Debt External
Death Rate
Distribution of Family Income
Education Expenditure
Electricity Consumption
Electricity Imports
Electricity Installed Capacity
Electricity Exports
Electricity Fossil Fuels
Electricity Hydroelectric Plants
Electricity Nuclear Fuels
Electricity Other Renewable Sources
Electricity Production
Enterepreneurship & Opportunity
Health Expenditures
HIV-AIDS Adult Prevalence
HIV-AIDS death rate
HIV - People Living with HIV/AIDS
Infant Mortality Rate
Maternal Mortality Rate
Personal Freedom
Phone code
Safety & Security
Social capital
Underweight children
World Giving Index


Important days & facts
Our services
about us and our thinking , Expiry date is final desination of all of us (Yes, including you)
Easy to search

We invest most of our time in identifying governments, corporates, NGOs, FAs .... in any country working on any social or health issue.

We share their website links on related country, district pages so that if you are interested, you can see detailed information about the organisation, do credibility check and also contact them directly through a letter or phone or may be by email

We regularly visit Google, Wikipedia, CIA, CNN, BBC, ET and once in a fortnight visit country news websites. We also see Al Jhazeera, BBC, CNN, TimesNow. It gives us news as to what is happening in the world.
We know entertainment is crucial in this hazardous life and see some Marathi and Hindi TV channels for it..


You can be government, corporate, NGO, FA
Media, College, Club ...

We plan to share names with website links of NGOs, governments, corporates, media, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities or official websites of any organisation free.

In case of social & health issues, we share the website links of Government & NGOs working on the issue in the related district page in case of India and country pages in case of out of India.

We know that you say corporates or funding agencies or celebrity names first and then their country. So we have separate folders for corporates, NGOs, FAs, philanthropists, media, celebs, doctors, hospitals ... where we have country pages. So if you want to go to a company in China, go to corporates folder and then go to China page. If you want to know the website of an NGO in Japan, go to NGO folder, and then see Japan page .... So what we share in Japan folder where we have a corporate page ? We plan to share link to the corporate ministry or income tax department and invite a related authority to share the identity of corporates in Japan. Same with other stakeholders like NGOs, funding agencies, celebs ...

Visit the other organisation's website to get latest info like funding proposals, CSR initiatives, volunteering, credibility of the organisation, board, contact details ...   

Missing on CSRidentity.com

There are more than 1 billion plus humans Below the Poverty Line, there are millions of refugees ... we dont share names of all those billions. We miss many things like the challenges individual 7.6 billion plus citizens humans face, solutions of millions of organisations which address these social & health challenges and millions of other things .
Our Chartered Accountant says you have wealth of information but there is no money in your account and balance sheet, so your own sustainability is a major issue. We know that but that doesnt stop our work.
We need promotion partners to share this wealth of information.

Corporates, corporate spl
NGOs, FAs, Media
Colleges, clubs

Corporates , NGOs
Funding agencies

Helplines , Media
Business associations
Industry associations
Ad agencies
PR Agencies
GRI , Global compact , Integrated Reporting

Colleges / Universities
Social work




Special for corporates
We are doing a research on how to measure CSR and also CSR in Industries. 1st draft by 2019


Balance score card
Better cotton initiative

Billion dollar roundtable
CEO water mandate
Cleantech Index
Dow Jones Sus Index

EICC Code of conduct
Eco labelling
Equator principles
ftse 4 good

Forests Stewardship Council
Global business coalition on HIV

Global Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index
Global Sullivan principles
ISO (many subissues)
KLD Social Index
London Benchmarking
Nasdaq Omx crd Globalsust 50 Index
Oekotex 100
Ohsas 18001
Principles for Resposible Investment
SA 8000
Transparency benchmark
Triple bottom line
UN convention against corruption
UNEP Finance Initiative

UN Universal declaration on human rights
Wilder Hill Clean Energy
Wolfsberg standards

Celebrities world knows +
Celeb makers, Life savers
Satisfaction givers


Academic celebs
Activist celebs
Administration celebs
Adventure celebs
Architect celebs
Art celebs
Author celebs
Blogger celebs
Brand people

Business celebs
CSR people
Comedy celebs
Common great celebs
Corp communications
Dance celebs
Developmental celebs
Drama celebs
Economy celebs
Engineer celebs
Environment celebs
Experiential tourism
Fashion celebs
Film names celebs
Film actors celebs
Exp prod /dir celebs
Budding pro / dir celebs
Film writers celebs
Fine art celebs
Food celebs
Health celebs
Historical locations
History celebs
Journalism celebs
Law celebs
Literature celebs
Media celebs
Military celebs
Music celebs
NGO founders
PR people
Peace celebs
People you must know
Philosopher celebs
Poet celebs
Police celebs
Political celebs
Religion celebs
Religious locations
Rivers (Important)
Royalty celebs
Science celebs
Singing celebs
Social workers
Spiritual celebs
Sports celebs
Television celebs
Tourism places
Locations to know

District celebrities

All humans, animals, marine life, wildlife come in the world because of Parents.
We plan to share names of parents (and in bracket names of the children of parents) districtwise in India and countrywise in countries other than India.
Instead of payment to our company, we invite all to share Rs 500/- or USD 20 with Developed Nation Network Trust and all these funds will be invested for senior citizens in Thane district, our global example.
Tribal village
Kokanipada village
Tribal hostel
Bhinar students

Education for nomadics

Scientific blood bank
Kai Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi
World's richest
1) Jeff Bezos
2) Bill Gates
3) Warren Buffett
4) Bernard Arnault & family
5) Mark Zuckerberg
6) Amancio Ortega
7) Carlos Slim Helu & family
8) Charles Koch
9) David Koch
10) Larry Ellison
11) Michael Bloomberg
12) Larry Page
13) Sergey Brin
14) Jim Walton
15) S. Robson Walton
After handling Public issues in 1993-96, Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat thought in 2018 of a dream stock exchanges where the stock is NGOs, Doctors, Hospitals, Medicines not the corporates who make profit. Here instead of financial profit, satisfaction is the greater profit you get without asking, thinking.
Two things that are common in the richest person on earth and the poorest person on earth are
1) Birth 2) Death