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Year 2017
International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development
What is CSR, identity & .com, Why global coverage instead of just one country coverage , Why we cover all stakeholders instead of just corporates & NGOs
Focus I : Social issues
We will add 100 more issues by 28.3.2017 and have started sharing programmes of key issues.
Issues we dont cover
Focus II : Countries plus
We firmly believe that we all are responsible and must take care of oceans, continents, world & universe.
Focus III : Interviews
We plan 3650 interviews across the world to share with you the ways people solve today's challenges as well as work on future challenges
It has to be at the centre
Our focus of work
Focus IV : Search
We are integrators of millions of others who are doing work for people, nature, wildlife, marinelife as well as non living things. Please fund others
Focus V : Image enhancement
Global or country level image ehnacement helps you get more donors, volunteers, NGOs, ad / PR agencies, consultants, celebrities promoting you...
4 cos to co-develop new cancer radiotherapy device
Actress Sonam Kapoor has taken up the cause to fight hunger
International perspective on water resources & environment, China
4th Annual International Conference on Humanities & Arts in a Global World
Sustainability & reputation
Do we buy or eat from any unknown source or a branded source ? Given a choice, we all value brands with good identity & reputation.
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About us, our services
For anything you want, just send a mail. And because of online security reasons, dont send any files. Just email content & links where we can get your information
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Employee volunteering
We help corporates to do employee volunteering for one day, one week, 21 days....
Global examples
Thane , India
Thane was ranked number 1 district in India till 14 Aug 2015
Populationwise, today India is ranked number 2 (China rank is number 1). India may rank number 1 in world by 2022.
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Employee volunteering
We help corporates to do employee volunteering for one day, one week, 21 days....
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Quality, ethics, governance
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9.7 billion people by 2050 !!!
Giving Pledge is taken by less than 200 individuals.
No award money, no bouquet
Each citizen has only 1 life. Lift at least 1 citizen above poverty line & as a return gift, you get invaluable satisfaction award.
Instead of 1 life, we want to satisfy challenges faced by Kokanipada village - adivasi tribal village at the starting point of a forest.
And make this a universal development example.
Steve Jobs of Apple thought on death
How we use membership fund
Content membership helps you save a lot of time, is our sustainability tool and helps us with global research and promotion and invest funds in NGOs which work on disability, forest, SC / ST, blood bank.
Thane was ranked number 1 district in India till 14 Aug 2015
Populationwise, today India is ranked number 2 (China rank is number 1). India may rank number 1 in world by 2022.
You are important
Employee volunteering
We help corporates to do employee volunteering for one day, one week, 21 days....
About us & our services
our services in progress

We have decided to give links to the websites of institutions. It surely helps you know more details of the institution. Till 2016, we had a myopic thinking that it was not good for us because we are doing all the research and why we give the links free. We calculated the time cost and concluded that we must give links.
Imagine the time to visit the websites of 2000 corporates from India and then see the philanthropy focus corporates supports say Child Health.
Now, visit our search engine and in countries say India and further search issue say child health and within say 15 seconds, you know names of corporates which support child health. The time cost of minimum 1 week to search 2000 websites is surely more than $20 or Rs 1000/- +service tax that we charge for NGOs or $40 or Rs 2000/- +service tax that we charge for non NGOs.
We may start giving links to say facebook or linkedin pages of individuals so that you can see updated information of individuals.

Our address Your call is important. Only call on timings mentioned Please note
Our address
Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting

Devendra Apartments
Next to Sahayog Mandir
Ghantali, Naupada,
Thane 400602, Maharashtra, India 

Developed Nation Network Trust
Our NGO was formed in 2009 has the same address mentioned above.

Just email us first, wait for the email response or telecon for 48 hours and if you dont get any email response or call, then you can call us & be clear in asking queries.

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Call on : 09820073599 (4.00 PM to 5.00 PM IST)
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Call on 0919769473599
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email us Editor and Datacentre
The content available on is taken from different sources like government departments, organisations, google, wikipedia and portals dedicated to a particular topic or stakeholder. These portals are the right source & they should be contacted for further information and suggestions.

28.08.2013 changed us
We have experienced sustainability & reputation. Our reputation helped survival of our cofounder Sanjay Bapat & on
28.8.2013 thanks to
Bhau , Venkat , Dr Purandare , Jupiter Hospital , Mastek Foundation , Adfactors PR , not to be named philanthropist. MBA Foundation , Rohan are our great source of inspiration.


Convert BPL to APL is not a religious conversion
Can Poverty be solved by begging ?
(Of course it is non sustainable behaviour)

After doing his engineering, staying away from his home town, our cofounder Sanjay Bapat used to see beggars on the streets of Thane. And that was 1984.
He wondered what is the value of education if people in his hometown beg for food (forget nutritious food but just food).
In 1987, he finished his MBA in Marketing and again wondered the value of education because he still saw people begging.
He thought that instead of just earning money, he should use his marketing skills to integrate people and change their attitude. He met various experts, attended conferences in 8 to 10 countries, studied situations in various countries and saw that poverty & now migration are critical issues in many countries in this world. Social development is happening but at a much slower rate. And social destruction is happening faster.

He left work in 1987 and started promoting work on accidents. But after 15 days, he realised that he must earn for his & his family's sustainability. In 2000, he left work to start a social enterprise and was recognised by global fellowship in 2003-04. Interestingly, in 2013, he met with an almost fatal accident on the streets of Thane !!!

He realised that in his so called second life, he should integrate millions of individuals & institutions from different countries rather than just Thane & India.

In 2017, he still sees beggers on the streets of Thane. He now thinks that unfortunately begging is an art. Beggars or the founders of begging
know that many can get emotional when a 2 to 3 year old child begs for food or when a pregnant woman / a woman who just gave birth to a child / a disabled person / an old person begs for food or money.

Now internet & phones bring the gap between countries. Its so much that world has become one place. So Sanjay Bapat many times writes that he is a global citizen and it no way means he has travelled all the countries, islands, seas, oceans.

The basic question still remained. How to convert Below the poverty line citizens to above the poverty line citizens ? Should we just talk about it and share the situations or actually share a self example of this new form of conversion. There is an answer to it and we are working for Kokanipada towards this answer and if it is successful, it can be a solution which can be modified, replicated or scaledup in this world.

Check, cheque & check
At, we learnt that instead of just cheque book giving we want to check credibility before issuing a cheque & also check impact after issueing a cheque. Now, we are trying to be professional & emotional at the same time. Sometimes professional & emotional roads are different, even if the direction is same. Sometimes one has to forget emotional role because one has to be professional.

Professional roads may be faster, may have tolls to pay. Emotional roads may go through villages & helps one to see the situation there & processes villagers adopt. But when you cross a state or sometimes when you cross a district (like when you cross Mumbai), there is a check post or check naka.
So check is essential. Sure, we will think of global challenges, but how can we do this forgetting the situation in our home town Thane.

So we have decided to make Kokanipada, an adivasi village, just at the bottom of a hill in Thane a Universal development example. After just a visit or two visits, we realised that there is politics in a small village also and have approached Thane's Member of Parliament, Shri Rajan Vichare that we dont want to enter into politics or play political games. We want to make Kokanipada as a universal development experience. Corporates, NGOs, FAs are welcome to partner with us.

And yes, we are not doing this for our name or for brand value. We are doing this as our responsibility and yes, will use our contacts with corporates, FAs, philanthropists just to ensure faster help. And while doing this, we will not forget that education, health, livelihood is more than wealth. So we will help education, try to sort out health challenges & provide livelihood opportunities to people in Kokanipada.

Poverty must be eradicated on way to universal development. Of course it is just a small step. The larger step is mental poverty. We are very happy that the government of India is now taking a firm stand against corruption but it was in our cofounder's mind right from childhood. Of course, after experiencing close by humans, we also think that all the governments in the world must add mental corruption to financial corruption in their developmental plans. (It is simple to understand and read but absolutely difficult to implement).

Want to join hands to make Kokanipada as Universal development example village ? Just send a mail to Datacentre