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Astronomers have found a rare kilometer-wide asteroid with the shortest year known
This material could make parts of Mars habitable for humans, study says
The 16 residents who live on the tiny German island of Oland must cope with extreme flooding on a regular basis. Norway’s far-flung isle with a population of one
How far does our plastic waste stretch?
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In Knowlege Bank, we plan to share questions raised about you, your role, responsibility, identity, qhy and how to invest 2.3% Time in volunteering & 2.3% money in donation
Remember, humans exist because nature and people exist and humans will EXIT if NATURE (Climate Change) makes us EXIT.
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1) No to No salary
2) Bhau did Gift Deed of his house & property to founder who was helping NGOs in India. So he thought that he can do the same across the world and decided to take No Salary since 2019 but Accident Insurance case made his thinking faulty because they ask you what is your financial loss.
Why 2.3%
Who is the first person on earth ? How middle class people dont see their father, father in law, grand father, relative who is about to leave earth.
India : Global example
Thane : City of lakes
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Founder , Bhau, Aai


How can you benefit ?
What is your identity ?
What are the questions asked about you?

How NGOs across the world benefit ? has a Dream Stock Exchange where NGOs/NPOs are free members. The ROI the NGOs is valued as
R = Returns and they get rated in terms of ROI.
R = Returns but here returns mean Satisfaction (Invaluable)
O = Opportunities of Social & Health Investment.
I = Impact of work

Will I get funds? is not a funding agency but we promote you to governments, funding agencies, corporates, celebrities ... who are looking for projects / NGOs for funding or volunteering as well as promoting issues

I have less time and just want to know NGOs, Corporates, FAs working on water ? Or hospitals for cancer in my country ?
In the water issue (infact any social issue), we are inviting NGOs, corporates, Funding agencies and others to share the issue for which they work as well as the State / NCT / UT and district they work.
Just email your name and your official website so that we will share your name with due link in the issue forum and within that in the district where you have programmes. Please note that the districts are shared State / NCT / UT wise.

In the health issue, we plan to share the hospitals because there are hardly any NGOs working in most of the health issues. But yes, we share the hostels for autistic, blind, deaf, dumb ... citizens alongwith hospitals.|
Again like social issues, we share them in related issue forum and within that in the district where you are located. Please note that the districts are shared State / NCT / UT wise.

For countries other than India, we plan to share them in a special page for each social, health, climate issue within the country and share NGO, Corporate, FA name on that page.

Of course we have commitment to share government schemes on each social, health, climate issue and they will be shared in social, health, climate issue forum for India and for countries other than India in special pages within the country.

How can I benefit ?
NGOs, Corporates, Foundations, Funding agencies, Governments which seek fund

We share your name linked to your official website so that donors, volunteers, media will contact you without us.

Corporates, Foundations, Funding agencies, Governments which want to give funds
You can search related NGO, Government and even corporate, corporate foundation, funding agency which seeks fund and contact them.

Contact the fund seeker and fund giver directly or through ?

Directly. And for this, gives direct link to the official website, so that you can get contact details.

So what is the benefit to ? founder has come out an almost fatal accident and he wants billions of satisfaction points rather than billions of dollars.
He had gone to such extend that he decided to take no salary from 2019.

NO salary idea was not implemented because of
Life insurance concept of a person which met almost fatal accident (at least in India) seems to be how much income you lost not how much time you lost in investment in community welfare & climate change initiatives.
So founder thinks that he should get salary. Later, after serving family needs, speically those of Rohan and Aum, he has the legal right to decide which NGO he should donate or keep some ofr his future and how much to invest in Branding Thane as a global case example.
NGOs must remember this and always think and oay social workers as social professionals and also invest in their insurance.
Founder is clear that he was given opportunity to work for Social, Health, Climate issues across the world by his father Bhau, and though the money will go from him, all the donations will be in memory of Bhau.

What about governments ?
Governments are the foundation of any country and we share governments of all countries so that one can directly approach them. We share all governments and plan to share issuewise and countrywise government schemes.


Dr. Abdul Kalam was a Scientist, President of India,
More importantly he was son of his parents, India & world





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