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Social, Health, Climate issues in India are shared in individual fora
India, 29 States, 1 NCT, 6 UTs, 725 Districts sponsored in memory of Bhau
We share Government schemes, NGOs, Corporates, Funding agencies social, health, climate issuewise and districtwise in case of India. Each issue has dedicated issue forum. Each stakeholder forum like Government, NGOs, Corporates, Philanthropists, Media, Celebs, Tourism & Religious locations, Rivers, Scientists,, hospitals and if possible doctors, CSR, Corp com , PR people, NGO founders, CAs, Police, Journalists.. covers India (Many State / UT / Districtwise) with links to balance 257 countries, SARs, Islands, Territories.
Social, Health, Climate issues in countries other than India are shared countrywise
Countries sponsored in memory of Bhau
Social, health, climate issues, Governments, Corporates, NGOs, Funding ag, Associations, Philanthropists, Media, Ad / PR agencies, Hospitals, Doctors, Celebrities, Pros in CSR, Corp com , PR, NGO founders, Social workers, Police HQs, Journalists, Religious, historical, experiential tourism & tourism places, rivers, philanthropists, scientists are shared in relevant country in the 257 countries, SARs, Islands, Territories.
All sponsored in memory of Bhau. India and Thane coverage will be in speical format.

Why we think our focus was, is and will be on Social issues and NGOs

Founder was a social entrepreneur recognished by ASHOKA, Washington.
He started a portal for NGOs only in India in 1999.
In 2000, he started a portal for International NGOs. But due to sustainability issues, it was abruptly discontinued.
Now, we go back to our thought of helping, sharing and promoting NGOs in all countries
We started looking at corporates from 1999 but was formed in 2010 with focus on corporates.
After 28.08.2013, we changed being myopic. Added Health & Climate issues and added world & universe to our canvas

CSR is far larger and deeper than Corporate Social Responsibility.
C = Conscience
, S = Sustainability , R = Reputation , has Identity
dot com Founder was recognised by Ashoka (HQ : Washington) for social enterpreneurship
Founder worked in Advertising & PR, so brand concept is not new to him.
Every citizen in this world has a WILL, why Register it , Gift Deed , Remember YOU are billionaires How you can help the world

Main focus : Rohan is our teacher in thinking that Integration of the work millions of organisations are doing across the world on Social, Health, Climate issues ....

We are not myopic, but as an example we start Brand Thane for development of Thane on SHC issues, volunteering, donation ..
But we cover all Social, Health, Climate issues and each issue
forum shares NGOs State/UT wise (with districts in them) in India
+ interviews on challenges, solutions. So what about NGOs and programmes supported by others in countries outside India ?
We share them in the related country folder. We p
lan 365000 NGOs from 200 countries (100000 NGOs issuewise) by 31.3.2021

EGO of economic middle class people is harmFULL
In Social, Health, Climate issues, why we want to share NGOs in all countries in Dream Stock Exchange ?
NGOs in all countries are in Dream Stock Exchange.
Meaning of ROI is invaluable .
R = Returns (Invaluable satisfaction)
O = Opprtunities to fund NGOs in issues
I = Impact of social investment
Check, Cheque, Check.
( Check the credibility, issue cheque or online money transfer, check the impact)


Developed Nation
Network Trust

The dates clearly show that there is no relation between Gift Deed & Accident


No one can Rest in Peace


Dr. Abdul Kalam was a Scientist, President of India,
More importantly he was son of his parents, India & world


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