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2015 is the year of Millenium Development Goals International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies , International Year of Soil

CSR stands for Conscience, Sustainability, Reputation. Identity stands for self, cultural, national, global & universal identity.
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For those who find it simple to use the links rather than dropdowns. From 26th January, we have started Founders, CEOs & Trustees of NGOs & Funding agencies.
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Our address and remember we enter this world with a particular religion & in a particular country but we can donate eyes & body when we leave this earth.
Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting
Devendra Apartments, Next to Sahyog Hall
Ghantali, Naupada, Thane 400602
Maharashtra, India
Ph : 00 91 98200 73599 (India calls)
Ph : 00 91 97694 73599 (Global calls)

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We are thankful to all and please replicate & scale up positive thinking.
We are thankful to all individuals & institutions who unconsciouslly or purposely present challenges to the development of this universe and to the great individuals & institutions present solutions to these challenges. Please replicate, scale up or modify so that we achieve universal development by 2050.

We are all citizens of this universe and we must be true to self, family and nature. Untrue thing once in life is disastrous because one untruth leads to another untruth.
Alongwith humans, we must take nature, living beings and nonliving beings
Respect law and please have moral values.
Money is critical but volunteering & donation gives us more satisfaction.