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We were equating CSR to Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2010, we thought CSR was Corporate Sustainability & Reputation. After an almost fatal accident on 28.8.2013 we realised CSR is Conscience Sustainability & Reputation. Our reputation helped our sustainability. Survival of our cofounder Sanjay Bapat & was taken care of by Bhau, Venkat, Dr Purandare, Jupiter Hospital, Mastek Foundation, Adfactors PR, not to be named philanthropist.. We must thank MBA foundation for taking care of Rohan, one of our great inspiration. Countrywise population
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From 2nd October 2016, we are putting search for 150 stakeholders free. Only corporates, NGOs, funding agencies & media are accessible to content members
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Remember each individual has only 1 life. Please lift 1 person from BPL to APL. You get an an invaluable return gift of satisfaction
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Doctors : Dr Harshad Purandare
Hospitals : Jupiter Hospital
PR Agencies : Adfactors PR
Lawyers : Nishith Desai
A company can only be as strong as the society it is part of. Wipro's engagement with important social & environmental issues is deliberate and strategic.
Azim Premji, Chairman, WIPRO in 2014-15 Annual Report.
Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting
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Developed Nation Network Trust (Our NGO formed in 2009)
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28.8.2013 changed our vision. Everyone who survives almost fatal accident, thanks god, doctor, hospital, family and friends. They usually forget nurses, ward boys, receptionist, security guards... Instead of just thanking them & coming back to normalcy, till the end of this life, we will focus on millions of individuals & institutions working for the world, universe, poverty & nature.
In about 1997-98, we had learned the concept of identity from Wally Olins that hardly a few meet senior officials, very few meet the CEO, chairman.. but everyone goes through security, lift person, receptionist ... identity of a corporate starts right from them and their behaviour / nature.