International year observation of year 2016 : International Year of Pulses ; International Year of Camelids
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Our vision : Universal development. Our uniqueness : Developmental & health celebrities & water sources, a key for living life sustainably
The world still thinks CSR as Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2010, we thought CSR as Corporate, Sustainability & Reputation. After an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013, we realised that our thoughts were myopic. We must think CSR as Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation. Individuals & Institutions must have an identity. These are characteristics by which one is recognized or known. dot com because we are a social enterprise. So its was formed in 2000, While we continue the services, we have absorbed addresses of 35000 NGOs & research on NGO credibility.
Focus : Social & developmental issues and countries, oceans. Thane is our global example , India an example country & interviews / news / research is the medium.
Social & developmental issues
Countries, oceans, world
Global example : Thane
Global country example : India
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Great individual courage; a mindset which should be replicated by all 7 billion plus citizens. We have just started. If you know common citizens anywhere in the world to have great mindset, mail the profile to the editor
We must promote them
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Our plans by 28.02.2016
Redesign 677 districts of India. India & govt schemes
MPs ( Eg : Mr Rajan Vichare)
Redesign all issues
Start interviews
Promoting individuals & institutions from 150 countries
500 developmetal celebrities
200 rivers & 200 health celebs
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Dedication of this site & this life and are not dedicated to just one individual but to all 7 billion plus citizens in this world plus all living beings, nature & non living things. We always say this world because as of now we only know this world but scientific growth may (again we say may) share another world. Of course amongst all, we must name some individuals / institutions across this world whom we admire more like scientists; innovators; digital science & internet experts; military, police & media; mental power to live of 1 billion citizens who live with just 1 dollar a day and doctors, lawyers & people helping them; economically backward class; film / sports / music stars who are celebrities because they are god to people; Developmental celebrities whom we call as developmental doctors; all greats who have left this earth like Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln and of course lesser known but great individuals like Wilma
Please remember that satisfaction of helping needy (individuals & institutions) gives a great joy and it is far more that the money one earns when alive.

Why a global site and what about our own sustainability ? What is our concept of disability ? Why Thane is a global example ? Our physical address.
After an almost fatal accident, sustainability of our cofounder Sanjay Bapat &, was taken care of by Venkat, Dr Purndare, Jupiter Hospital & Bhau. Our great inspiration is Rohan, MBA Foundation. We must thank Mastek Foundation, Adfactors PR, NGOs, corporates, foundations, philanthropists, government officials for supporting us in these tough situation.
In the almost second life, we thought that instead of just working, we must be a global site & one team should invest time in sharing & promoting social & developmental issues, countries and millions of individuals & institutions which work for community directly or through volunteering or through employee volunteering or through financial donation to NGOs/NPOs or credible organisations or political parties or government. The other team works for our own sustainability on identitying programmes anywhere in the world, employee volunteering, skill development, research, consultancy on CSR as well as social & developmental issues....
We are doing a research for Hudson Institute on how much is the philanthropic investment of Indian stakeholders outside India. We are also doing research on CSR in industries and sustainability tree branches & leaves.
Meaning of disability
All of us have some part of disability (differentially abled citizens). It is not just autism, sensory integration, deaf, dumb, physically or mentally so called disabled but things like greed, anger, attitude makes us disabled to think positively. Even pregnancy makes us disabled or unable to work for some time in life.
Why Thane is a global example?
We started a site focussed on Thane way back in 1999. Thane was the largest district in India till 14.08.2014 It is urban, rural, has citizens caring for environment & a lot of citizens have migrated to Thane... Thane has several social & developmental challenges not just of the poor or rich but so called middle class citizens..
Our interview plans
By March 17, we plan 3650 interviews of corporates, NGOs, Funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities, media, communities, volunteers from 150 countries on past, present, future, governance, programmes....
Our Corporate address Our NGO (Some people call it as an NPO)
Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting
Devendra Apartments, Next to Sahayog Mandir
Ghantali, Naupada, Thane 400602, Maharashtra, India
India : 09820073599; Out of India : 00919769473599
Email for : Challenges, Solutions, media ; Email for : Newsletters and other matters
Our NGO name is Developed Nation Network Trust
The NGO was formed in year 2009 but our thinking that each nation must be a developed nation was much before that. When our cofounder was doing Masters in Management, he used to see people living & eating on the streets. See why the NGO was formed & its purpose.