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What's CSR ?
C = Conscience
S = Sustainability
R = Reputation
Identity , dot com?
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Seminars : The 8th International Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainable Business 
Conferences : 22nd May 2019 : World Congress on Climate change - Rome , Italy
CSR ideas : Free Umbrella with your brand name
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Global development cases
Brand Thane
Thane : Aprox 8 million
World aprox : 7700 million
Thane is 0.00103% world
258 countries, SARs, Isl
36 States/UTs, 712 Dist
Social, Health, Climate
SHC issues are Our Heart
Funding programmes in
world is key, India can help
Bhau is responsible for new vision of India & all countries sponsored in Bhau's memory His branding : Be simple & World must replicate selfless behaviour
Corporates, NGOs
FAs, Media, Apps
Government, Law
UN, Helplines
Colleges, Clubs
Volunteering, Donation
Celebrities have far
greater influence
Celebrity brands
can help world
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billions of 0s ?
We are Integrators
So without sponsors we are
Sponsors, content partners
Issues, stakeholders
Sustainability sponsors
Global cases, Us
Branding & Identity
Its unique
There is no full stop
For Knowledge
Death postponed
Bhau's Gift Deed
means founder needs less money for him
But needs billions of dollars for YOU.


CSR is  Conscience , Sustainability , Reputation.    Identity is what you are     .com (Dot com because founder is Social Entrepreneur recognised by Ashoka Washington).
Like Corporates have social responsibility, all governments, not for profits, Ad / PR agencies, celebrities have greater & deeper Social, Health & Climate Responsibility . By 28.8.2019, we plan to share Identity & Responsibility of all stakeholders.
We, Google, Wikipedia , World map , India map
  'First human' discovered
in Ethiopia




A fact remains a FACT

No one can Rest in Peace


Final decision taken on 17 May 2019 at 6.45 AM India time on how we will cover all stakeholders like Governments, Corporates, NGOs, Celebrities, Doctors ...

Dr. Abdul Kalam was a Scientist, President of India, son of parents, India, World