Our vision
Universal development
Please visit the calendar every day. Select the month & the day to search. We have shared independence days of countries and key observation days.
Year 2015 is International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies ; World Soil Day and International Year of Soils ; Target for 8 Millenium Development Goals
Sharing & promoting developmental celebrities is our editorial responsibility. Who & what changed us and our new vision.
Visit development celebrities countrywise and do support their initiatives. From now to March 2017, related content members can see 3000 present & budding development celebrities from 150 countries. By March 2017, we plan to share at least 1 doctor who thinks it is her/his medical job to help reputed "patients" sustain life so that more communities benefit from the founder during her/his lifetime. Currently around 10% of world's population (roughly 70 million people), live with a disability. The last photograph, Rohan, is & can never be a developmental celebrity but unless we all help this community, universal development will not happen,.
We must share that our vision changed thanks to the simplicity & courage of Bhau and Joy of giving by Venkat & Health is Wealth concept of Dr Harshad Purandare.
Our main focus is social, developmental & sustainability tree issues. We know we must have a sustinability programme to promote your goodness.
Social, developmental issues, countries, India & Thane Sharing what various stakeholders do to address the issues
Social, developmental & sustainability tree issues and UN / Non UN countries, continents, oceans, world & universe is our main focus. We cover non UN member countries/regions because we all must show concern to the citizens as well as marine life, wild life of these countries / regions.
In 2015, 2016, 2017 our main focus is sharing India, States / UTs, districts & Thane.
India country members can see profiles & addresses of thousands of stakeholders in India.
In 2015-17, the interview content members can access 3650 plus interviews from 75+ countries.
In 2015-17, the developmental celebrities content members can access 3000 present & budding developmental celebrities from 150 countries... Industry & issue content members can access related global information.
We will share key & important stakeholders, awards, proposals, seminars, conferences, career opportunities across the world.
UN, Key, main stakeholders, CSR in industries, MDGs, future Awards, funding proposals, seminars, conferences, careers, vol & donation
We know that UN, key & main stakeholders across the world are helping citizens, countries, world & universe address issues and we must share & promote them.
From October 2015, we start sharing how various industries handle CSR (and this is not just philanthropic initiatives but CSR in business processes, people & planet policies....) & how Global compact, GRI help them.
Awards help institutions not just with reputation but in sustainability, modifications, replication, scalability...
There are seminars, conferences, training & capacity building programmes across the world. And we must remember that funding proposal is not just from NGOs/NPOs but governments, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, political parties, religious organisations...
We thank all but special thanks to
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Wikipedia - site
Google - site
The Guardian - newspaper
Al Jazeera - TV
Links to various organisations through Google
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Our vision
Our Vision : Universal development
Change is constant, so the challenges of issues will change all the time and any deadline period for all issues is not possible. Also, issues change countrywise or regionwise.
Our mission : Promote individuals & institutions helping humans, nature, living beings & non living things. Humans respecting or creating problems for humans is common. In addition to humans, we must respect
1) nature & living beings (e.g. trees, pet animals, marinelife, wildlife)
2) non living things (e.g. buses, cars, trains, aircrafts or houses )
Please donate & volunteer
If 1 billion of the 7 billion plus citizens donate USD 1 per month, this world will get 12 billion USDs every year.

Please donate 2% of your time, skill, core competency & (or) money to the communities. It can be direct donations or through NGOs / NPOs, donation or service agencies, political parties, government, religious organisations..
If you cant donate funds, at least donate blood to a credible blood bank because blood knows only O, A, B, AB and positive or negative. It doesnt consider caste, religion, nationality. This is what we also believe in.
Our address
Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting
Devendra Apartments
Next to Sahayog Mandir
Ghantali, Naupada , Thane 400602, Maharashtra, India.
India : 912225412570; 09820073599.
Out of India : 00919769473599
Emails : Editor@CSRidentity.com ; Datacentre@CSRidentity.com
Note : We are a social enterprise and therefore we have an official corporate name.. our NGO/NPO is named as Developed Nation Network Trust and it was formed on 30.03.2009.
Our daily surfing, vision, mission, concept of donation and our official address.
Donate & volunteer
We are conscious that millions of individuals & institutions are doing work for universal development. It needs promotion of their work at global level, so that it can be modified, replicated or scaled up depending on the size of communities.

In 2015-16, we plan to share at least one programme in 60 countries on most of the social & developmental issues and their subissues. Of course we know that the challenges of subissues are different in underdeveloped, developing & developed countries. It will take 2017 to have the basic information of programmes in 150+ countries.

We plan to share examples of issues of 7 villages, 7 metros/ cities in 7 continents & how these are addressed positively by various stakeholders by March 2017. We know that Antarctica, the continent doesnt have people staying there. So instead of this 7th continent, we will cover Thane city and a village in Thane, Palu.

Giving pledge
We value Bill & Melinda Gates more for their work together to expand opportunity to world’s most disadvantaged people.
Read their Giving Pledge
After demise, no one takes money or land or nation. Let us volunteer & donate when we are alive or let us donate body or eyes, organs after we leave this earth.