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We share the importance of today, each country's independence day and key weeks, months, years & decades.
From now till December 2014, on each page of the calendar, you will see 6 institutions across the world free. The top will be a UN agency (UNICEF, WHO,World Bank ...) and the other 5 are NGOs working for development.
We are doing India philanthropy budget research for Washington based Hudson Institute's Centre for Global Prosperity.
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Rural / urban development by the year 2050
We are citizens of this universe
Take care of living beings like pet animals, wildlife & marinelife
Take care of trees & nature
Take care of nonliving beings
Be true to self and nature
Respect law of country/universe
Volunteering & donation gives more satisfaction than money
You are really lucky
Think simple
Think larger like Team B
We are just 1 in 7+ billion. Life will end one day. Donate your body. Do all formalities now.
Think how lucky we are



Think simple
Think like him on money

We must think larger like
Village/Urban Development

GSBS 2014 has a theme Shaping Social Business to Shape the World of 2020. Do attend. We have attended the 2012 summit in Vienna, Austria.
Sample development case

From October 15, 2014 to March 2016, we will share views / interviews of 500 + individuals. It can be the chairman or CEO of a bank or corporate or a hospital or it can be a skilled person earning for her / his family or a housewife, many in India dont pay but she actually runs the entire family or it can be a beggar who lives below the poverty. For us, we have chosen Thane because it is urban as well as rural and has a lot of national and global talent.

Dont underestimate
Yes, we may be just one of the 7+ billion humans but dont we respect ourself ?

Dont underestimate your positive presence on this earth, which is part of the larger universe. Be positive.

Global Social Business Summit (25 to 29 November 2014)

What Matters to Corporate Citizenship Strategy and Reporting

Focus on India
Bihar Floods and how a reputed NGO is helping communities

Award Winner
Anoop Jain has won the prestigious 2014 Waislitz Global Citizen Award. Humanre Power is our recommended NGO in USA.

270 countries, continents, oceans, universe
Of 1.5 million Laysan Albatrosses that inhabit Midway Islands nearly all are found to have plastic in their digestive system.

Government schemes
We already have links to 341 Indian Central Government Schemes on 71 issues

Recommended NGOs
Alzheimer's Australia is the peak body providing support and advocacy for the more than 321,000 Australians living with dementia.

AT &T : Investing in a well-educated workforce may be the single most important thing we can do to help the United States remain the leader in a digital, global economy.

Funding Agencies
The Dell family foundation supports organizations working to reduce the impact of HIV at every level, while also investigating innovative options for greater systemic impact.

Bill Gates shapes and approves grantmaking strategies, advocates for the foundation’s issues, and helps set the overall direction of the organization.

Manchester United and The Christie are uniting to beat cancer.

Jonathon Porritt, UK : Innovations are critical to any economy.
John Knights, UK : On learnings in CSR
Dr Noel Tagoe, Ghana : On CSR in accounting
Adam Friedman & Julia Bonner, USA : On USA CSR
Dr Leeora Black, Australia : On Australian CSR
Dr Madhav Chavan : First and most important thing is , getting them to school
Ms. Shukla Bose
: Street and slum children to become model citizens

India is developing faster
We share 671 plus districts covering MPs, Collector, district rank on social & developmental issues. We plan to interview 1500 experts, NGO leaders as well as community members.

Celebrities for development
We must treat them as celebrities like how we treat our filmstars or sportsstars....

Their work must be scaledup or replicated across the world, if we are keen to see village and urban development by 2050.

By March 2016, we plan to share 2 to 5 individuals from 100 countries and invite you to share more people from these and other countries. See and replicate.
Dr Abhay and Dr Rani Bang
Dr Madhav Chavan
Malala Yousafzai
Muhammad Yunus
Stephen Hawking
By March 2016
Profiles of NGOs Global
Recommended NGOs 20000
Corporates 10000
Funding Agencies 1000
Philanthropists 1500
Celebrities 1500
Sports clubs 200
Bus Associations 500
Development Associations 500
CSR Consultants 150
Dev.Consultants 150
Researchers 150
Helplines 200
Pledges 200
Speakers 500
Brief + Addresses  
NGO Addresses 150000
Media 2500
Ad Agencies 1500
PR Agencies 1000
Lawyers on social issues 500
Key institutes  
Soc Work Institutes 1000
MBA Institutes 1000
Legal Institutes 1000
Medical Institutes 1000
Awards 100
Award Giving Inst. 200
Total >200000
Regular users and new users.
Use the dropdowns through which you can visit any country, development issues, MDGs, recommended NGOs, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, scientists ... And do visit the agencies like ad & PR agencies, lawyers in CSR & development issues, media, institutes of capacity building like social work, MBA, medicine and legal. Do visit how famous celebrities help the commmunities.

We are happy to share countrywise programmes free on all key issues and their subissues. And we are equally happy to share 5 to 6 NGOs across the world free on the right side of each issue whether for the comprehensive information of the issue or on programmes. on each page of the calendar, you will see 6 institutions across the world free. Of course, because they have offices in 100 to 160 countries, first banner is for the UN agency (UNICEF, WHO,World Bank ...).

Scientists, thinkers and philanthropists who have taken The Giving Pledge
Like greats like scientists, thinkers and philanthropists who have taken The Giving Pledge , we may not do something phenomenal for the benefit of this universe. But do think that the purpose of our life is to do something (yes, at least something) for the development of the universe. Remember we are human beings first and then comes our religion, caste and nationality (yes, we know these are important for most of the humans). We need to help humans, all other living beings (animals - pet , wildlife, marinelife), trees & all non living beings ( bulb, fuel, plastic, vehicles and our house).

You can not give funds like the philanthropists who have taken the Giving Pledge but you can donate at least $1 per month. Sure, there are many in this world busy to earn money to help their family or increasing employees and helping their families. But please volunteer or donate. If you can do both, like many can, it will help the world development by 2050.

Our contribution to rural & metro development
From now to 2016-17, we plan to start promoting the challenges of 7 villages & 7 metros in the world. Village & Urban development by 2050 is key for the world.

200000 profiles/addresses from 7 regions & 200+ countries
From now to 31 March 2016, we plan to share the profiles of key stakeholders from 7 regions like Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America & Arab World. Yes Antarctica is a continent but climatic conditions there dont allow institutions to have offices there. They work for the continent from outside continent. And yes, Arab nations technically do not are from one continent but we do appreciate that the region is key for universal development.

We are lucky
Let us understand that we are very lucky and it is time to think simpler, think larger and appreciate that the purpose of our only life is more than money. Also important is the fact that we must respect disabled (challenged), children, youth, women, elderly and in fact all the citizens, rich & poor. Equally important fact is that we must respect living things like trees (small or large; agricultural or natural use) and non living things like vehicle, clothes or house (big or small; hut, flat or bunglow) where we live and dream. Remember you do have the power to change the world but dont invite things to change you and do negative things.

We can not earn billions of dollars like Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. They are great philanthropists doing their positive efforts to change the world. Everyone can not be a Buffett or Gates or King / Queen / PM / President of a country / region. But everone do has national and global responsibilities.

We many times say that world is a smaller place. Please behave like what you say.
With or without money, you can be a reputed person if you are good by nature, stick to the legal truth and are true to the nature. Simple actions can be integrated together to make it larger.

Worldwide Volunteers
We appreciate time, hobby and core competency of men, women, children, GLBT, urban, rural, rich or poor volunteers from across the world. Do write with a copy of your profile to Datacentre

80 languages
We share the content of the site in 80 languages. Technically it may not give perfection of the country languages but it surely gives you the right appreaciation.

Sustainable & Reutation is key for all of us.
You must be sustainable so that you can help develop this world.

You must be good and reputed. Yes your goodness can be questioned by people who may not be good but are so called "credible" by society. Please dont use this harmful tool which affects your goodness towards this globe.

Only social advertising
Sure, advertisements are used for promotion of products, brands and corporates. We respect this but can not have such ads on this site.

We respect prodcuts for social development and they can advertise to help us promote the good things citizens do for their country, for humanity, for issue or for global development.

This social, developmental or CSR advertising enhances your brand and organisation reputation.


We have partnership with IIT Bombay's two teams; one for the development of a village and one for identifying and promotion of NGOs.
Our board
Giving the names of board members & founders increases one's sustainability and reputation. So do use it.

We do not use it because we treat that you run what we are. And cant give names of all the 7 billion plus humans and the unlimited natural resources that make us.
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Country membership, issue forums, research, consulting and other services increases our sustainability & reputation to share knowledge and promote the goodness of individuals and institutions across the universe.
We have just one life. But also remember that we have power to volunteer, donate and use our life after we are alive through body &/or eye donation.