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2% CSR Rule
What is, our concept of sustainability & reputation, focus on India and Thane, how to contact us
What is
CSR represents Conscience Sustainability & Reputation.
Identity stands for self, cultural, national, global & universal identity.

Corporate Social Responsibility or more is more than Corporate Social Responsibility.
We share positive work of 70+ key stakeholders

Focus on India
2% in CSR rule. (Sec 135 & Sch VII. See page 80 & 294).
See India; Districts of India
Dr Madhav Chavan : First and most important thing is , getting them to school

Focus on Thane
Thane district as a case study to understand the addresses to challenges.
Plans for views of key 500+ people
Adoption, a great case from Thane
Dilip meets Mr Modi when he was CM
Person who has 8500 signatures like Armstrong, Mandella, Sachin Tendulkar

Coverage of each country
National anthem, national song, national symbols plus views of the President or PM on the country's views or global challenges. We have started sharing government & key ministry links plus corporates, ngos, funding agencies etc.

What we share ?
Our focus is to share and promote the goodness of individuals or institutions helping humans, nature, living beings & non living beings.

We purposely cover oceans, continents, world & universe because all of us must realise that we are an integral part of this world and this universe.

Developmental celebrities
Most of them dont want publicity. But global reachout not only helps them scale up, repilcate or improve
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You are 1 in 7 billion +
The global population of 7 billion + indicates that you are 1 of them, but it means consider that size of this universe and you know you have an important role to play. Do volunteer or donate or do both.
See the population of each country

Why 2050 ?
The Millennium Development Goals are for 2015. Many think of development by 2020. Considering the mammoth global task we have, we have a target of universal development by 2050 whether we are there or not there on this earth.

From now to March 2016
We plan to share profiles of 200000 stakeholders doing developmental work from 200+ countries.

Sustainability is critical for all and it helps us to consistently support the underpriviledged.

Whether one is a donor or recipient of the donation, we must have good reputation.

Corporate Sustainability & Reputation
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