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28.8.2013 was black day for us but realised that it was golden day for world. Bhau made us realise : Vishwachi Maze Ghar (Universe is my house)
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Even if you are greedy & selfish, take care of parents because remember, you will be parents, grand parents one day.
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World is an integration of countries & universe is integration of planets. But each country has different culture & background. So we cover countries.
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We think celebs must play an additional role of promoting any social issue , organisation, country, climate or even specific countries or govt schemes.
What's CSRIdentity ?
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Thane, India : Global ex
CSRidentity.com is integrator of social programmes by all stakeholders in all countries. Rohan Bapat has sensory integration challenge. That & 28.08.2013 experience and of course Bhau gave us the courage to do it . 
We respect sponsors
Lets make global cases
We want to make the above 5 global examples of development and plan to increaswe the number to 28 by 28.3.2019 or 28.8.2019.
Do email us such projects in countries other than India.
If 1.4 billion of us lift 1.4 billion citizens from below the poverty line, in lifetime or registered WILL, world will be a great place to live & leave (All humans have expiry date)
Interesting things in each country
1) In each country, we share some interesting facts like Mongolians are the world’s best horsemen. Visit each country to see interesting facts about that country with source link.
We plan to invite collectors, MPs, media.. in India.to share interesting facts about districts in India by 28.8.2018
2) Thane and India are our global examples.
3) We cover UN, foreign embassies in each country
You must respect them
Your children & children across the world
Your parents because you are because of them

Teachers in all countries because they built you
Climate, if you dont care about it, next gen has a big problem and the next generation has a much bigger problem.
Rivers , Oceans
World & universe
Law & Climate change
In India, we are seeing that Lawyers use so many papers to file legal cases and it is happening when the young students are given elaerning experiences.
Using paper means wood has to be cut and it affects climate.
We plan to write to Indian Justice department to save climate and make digital legal cases.
It is also good for governance, corruption and speed.
We know politics, kidnapping, naxalism, terrorism, crime affects society but we leave these to special dedicated websites, agencies, media... and dont cover them.


















CSRidentity.com wants world to treat them as celebrities : Doctors, hospitals, helplines, blood banks, scientists, rivers, religious locations, historical locations, social workers, NGO founders / Trustees / CEOs, CSR people, Corp com people, PR people, Journalists, all volunteers, all donors. Of course, if they are credible, then only call them celebs.

Sites we use & surf regularly for info & research and Television channles we watch regularly...
For information & research & science
CIA : World Fact Book , NASA , Wikipedia

Television channels
Al Jazeera

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We may be in meetings or in areas where use of mobile phones is prohibited / jammed or in areas where there is no mobile network.

We may be thinking of the social issues or challenges for humans, animals & living beings, nonliving things or oceans, rivers, climate change, on science related issues of this world & universe, new discoveries, old things one needs to change because of modern technology but keeping humanity, ethics, governance practices and about how to convince the TRUTH to people that all humans have just one life and in this life or through a registered WILL, convert at least one Below the poverty line citizens to above the poverty line ...

So instead of making telephonic or mobile contact, we request you to first send us email and if you dont get response in 5 working days, then an SMS and call us only if you dont get answers to either of them in 10 days (Normally, you hear 10 working days, but for us, everyday is a working day, there is no holiday. Work is like respiration and is there a holiday for respiration ??? Working is more than a hobby. So 10 working days means 10 days which will have at least one Saturday, Sunday or may have holiday or indepedence day or religious day)

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