CSRidentity.com survival & different vision is thanks to Bhau & others.
2017 : International Year of Sustainable tourism dev  
    Important and simple facts you must know
9.7 billion by 2050 !!!
> 1 billion below poverty
Example support : Kokanipada , Bhinar school of tribals , Yamgarwadi school of nomadics , Kai Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi (BloodBank) , MBA Foundation
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Social issues , countries
28.8.2013 increased canvas from India to the world.
We start sharing issues in countries with India & Thane as identity makers. So issue fora will cover issues, subissues and programmes of stakeholders in India.
Corporates, UN
Sustainability, reputation
About us & our services
Global visibility (It is not necessary that only individuals / institutions pay for global visibility. Anyone can pay for it & their name will be shared in global image page)
MBA Foundation, India

Girl Child
Save The Children, UK
Senior citizens
Help Age > 1 country
Heart of Gold, Japan
Funding Agencies
Gates Founation
Mastek Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates
Warren Buffet
Jordan Speith
Hakuhodo, Japan






Japan Government
Police official
V V Lakshminarayana
PR agency
Adfactors PR, India
Dr Harshad Purandare
Jupiter Hospital, India
Blood banks
Kai Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi
Bhinar school of tribals
Yamgarwadi school of nomadics
Medical colleges
Vasantrao Pawar Medical college, India
Individual celebrity
Venkat Krishnan
Wilma Rudolph
Business celebrity
Late Steve Jobs
Religious location
Tirupati, India
Historical location
Raigad, India
Nile River, > 1 country
Experiential tourism
Manjang-gul, South Korea
Satisfaction award
CSR means what ???
CSR is Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation and Developed Nation is >>>>> economically progressed nation. After an almost fatal accident on 28.8.2013 , Sanjay Bapat realised that it was myopic to think that only corporates have social responsibility. All individuals & institutions have social responsibility. From June 2017, we start sharing various branches & leaves of this new concept of CSR Tree across the world and from 5th June, start sharing our version of CSR analysis & impact generation. We also share the concept of identity which means what you are. It is not possible to change identity overnight. But one has to make lot of efforts to create and enhance their identity. It is like brand value.
Bhau Einistein Newton Wilma Kurien Philanthropists Harshad Jupiter Adfactors Venkat Rohan MBA Rivers 1 billion+
We just thought that Bhau (father of our cofounder) saved his cofounder on 28.08.2013. But now we realise that he has almost given new birth to integratation.
We have experienced sustainability & reputation. Our reputation helped sustainability of CSRidentity.com (survival of our cofounder Sanjay Bapat) on 28.8.2013 thanks to
Bhau , Venkat , Dr Purandare , Jupiter Hospitat (Staff & management) , Mastek Foundation , Adfactors PR , not to be named philanthropist.
Plus friends like Sunil Joshi, Anil Bhot who visited the hospital & home quite often and school class mates like Abhay Gadiyar, Sandeep Bhagwat who stayed at the hospital.
CSRidentity.com firmly believes that wealth of friendship is more important than financial welath (Yes, we realised that financial wealth is absolutely necessary and now more so because we are doing research and promotion of millions of institutions who are doing social development and billions of people in different countries who volunteer their time.
Of course MBA Foundation , Rohan are our great source of inspiration.
From Thane & India ,we moved at global level, all stakeholders from all countries plus rivers, oceans, continents, world & universe .

Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting
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Thane 400602
Maharashtra, India

Developed Nation Network Trust (Our NGO formed in 2009)
Address same as above.
Phone calls and emails
India : 09820073599 (9.45-10.45 AM & 4.00 to 5.00 PM)
Indian Members of Parliament : 5 PM to 6 PM
the mobile number is shared with them only
Out of India telephonic calls : 0919769473599
East side of world : 6 AM to 7 AM IST West side of world : 8 PM to 9 PM IST
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