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You have the power to give. It can be time, core competency in management or hobbies or financial donation. You are just one in 7 billion plus citizens.
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Sustainability & Reputation helps us to serve more needy across the world.

By 2050, we must ensure our support for rural, urban and universal development
Do check the global calendar to know history, foundation days or days you celebrate or observe. And do add.
September 22 : Rose Day in India, Independence Day of Bulgaria, Mali
September 24 : International Girl Child Day, Independence Day of Guinea-Bissau
September 26 , 2014 : The European Day of Languages and Independence Day Of New Zealand
September 23 : Indepence Day of Saudi Arabia
September 25 : World Pharmacists Day
September 27 : World Tourism Day
September 28 : World Rabies Day


Think how lucky we are
Think simple
Village development is key
Think like him on money
We must think larger like

Jonathon Porritt, UK : Innovations are critical to any economy.
John Knights, UK : On learnings in CSR
Dr Noel Tagoe, Ghana : On CSR in accounting
Adam Friedman & Julia Bonner, USA : On USA CSR
Dr Leeora Black, Australia : On Australian CSR

India Interviews
Dr Madhav Chavan : There are various problems in education
Ms. Shukla Bose: We aim at helping street and slum children

Adoption is like heart transplant. It can give a new lease of life!
Too many of the young people with whom we work are either excluded from, or have dropped out of, school.
This project is to enhance the communication skills of speechless children with Cerebral Palsy.
Organic farming is the best alternative to the conventional method using chemical fertilizers.
Arghyam ‘s view is that rural domestic water should be managed at the most local level possible

Global Social Business Summit (25 to 29 November 2014)

What Matters to Corporate Citizenship Strategy and Reporting

Focus on India : Key coverage
Bihar Floods and how a reputed NGO is helping communities


Global news and happenings
Issuewise and countrywise news
More than half a million students are returning to school in Gaza
Chinese charity donations rebound after scandal
The town that’s battling the demographic tide
Indigenous recognition is more than just words

Global Rise Reported in 2013 Greenhouse Gas Emissions
At Climate March in New York, a Clarion Call for Action

Inside a Chinese 'Taobao village' of just over 200 families
New Zealand's National Party wins re-election
Zimbabwe loosing 33 000 hectars of natural forests annually
Scotland has voted to stay in the United Kingdom after voters decisively rejected independence.
What's in the UN's new Gaza agreement?
Is the EU doing enough to prevent migrant deaths at sea?
Award demonstrate Green Entrepreneurship is thriving across Africa
New York City Vows to Cut Emissions in Sweeping Effort
Afghan Presidential Rivals Finally Agree on Power-Sharing Deal
Ebola leads to near collapse of Liberian health system
When no gender fits
China on typhoon, rainstorm alert
G20 finance chiefs aim to change destiny of global economy
New smartphone app gives sight to the blind
World leaders given climate warning
Ed Miliband pledges big pay rise for Britain's poorest workers
Ahead of Alzheimer’s Day, UN expert urges greater protections for people with dementia
New data show child mortality rates falling faster than ever

Village & Urban development is the key for all of us
Please note that village development and urban development by 2050 has to be and must be our development focus. Scientists are unfortunately not considered as development experts in many countries. Let us appreciate that they consider development as a key target of their discoveries. Similarly use ranks of countries as a tool for development.

2000 stakeholder profiles from 7 regions
From now to 31 March 2015, we plan to share
1) Profiles of key stakeholders from 7 regions / continents. (Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America & Arab World. Yes Antarctica is a continent but today, because of environmental condition, there is no institution there. And yes, Arab world is technically not a continent but we do appreciate that the region is key for universal development.

2) Views of experts on the status & challenges of about 200 countries by the years 2020 & 2050. For all people this is free information because we must have global knowledge. Just register so that we can send you regular updates.

Sustainability and reputation is critical for everyone
Our sustainability is helpful so that we can more good work.
And reputation is much larger than PR. We may be from developed, developing or underdeveloped country or organsation, what is important is our reputation so that more individuals and institutions learn the goodness we share with this universe.

We are just one in 7 + billion people. But we are lucky

Please remember, you are lucky.
We are lucky and can do much more
Let us understand that we are very lucky and it is time to think simpler, think larger and appreciate that the purpose of our only life is more than money. Also important is the simple fact that we must respect disabled (challenged), children, youth, women, elderly and all the citizens, rich & poor. It is the need of the hour if we think that our aim is universal development by 2050.

Remember, you have just one life. Do use it for global development.
Everyone can not not be Prime minister / President / King / Queen of the country where they are, but everone do has national and global responsibilities. Please think beyond your house. Think of the global and universal development and we can be a reputed person (with or without money) if we are good by nature. We many times say that world is a smaller place. Please behave.

Like great scientists and thinkers, we may not do something phenomenal to this entire universe. But do think that the purpose of our life is do something (yes, at least something) for the development of the universe. Remember we are human beings first and then comes our religion, caste and nationality (yes, we know these are important for most of the humans). We need to help humans, all other living beings (animals - pet , wildlife, marinelife), trees & all non living beings ( bulb, fuel, plastic, vehicles and our house).

Only social advertising on
Though we respect, we can not have product ads for the sake of product or brand promotion on this site. We respect prodcuts for social development and they can advertise to help us promote the good things citizens do for humanity, for their country, issue or for global development. This social, developmental or CSR advertising enhances your brand and organisation reputation.
Please remember we are a social enterprise and our sustainability & reputation helps us to promote your work.


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30 000 NGO addresses
By March 2015

Names and addresses of
30 000 NGOs in 2014-15
(1019 ready)

Thane is our sample district because it is urban, rural and has a lot of national / global talent.
We will also start sharing views of community members from other districts from September 2014.
Worldwide Volunteers
We appreciate time, hobby and core competency of men, women, children, GLBT, urban, rural, rich or poor volunteers from across the world. Do write with a copy of your profile to Datacentre
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We share the content of the site in 80 languages. Technically it may not give perfection of the country languages but it surely gives you the right appreaciation.
We have power of to volunteer, donate and use our life after we are alive through body / eye donation.
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